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2010 — the most awesome year of your life!!!

Sending blessings to you, for an amazing 2010,
from the labyrinth at Summerhill Ranch

2010 is the Year Legends are Made Of!
In many ways, the energy of this particular year is much more important than 2012. It's pivotal in the evolution of the planet. The things you do and activate this year—in no small way—determine your future and contribute to the future of the planet. This is the year to reach out and take risks of the heart. Your future (and our collective future) is seeded in the coming months. The seeds you plant in the fertile soil of your soul this year take root in 2011 and will bear fruit in 2012.

2010 is the time to focus on your dreams and relinquish your attachment to limiting beliefs about the future. Shed the perception that you're not enough. You no longer need to be a victim of your childhood, your circumstances, or the times. Look forward. Stop driving the car of your life by looking in the rear view mirror. Decide that this coming year is the most empowering, passionate, transforming year of your life to date . . . and so it shall be!

The Predictions of 2012

In the last year, my e-mail box has been filled with numerous predictions about 12/21/2012. They range from the credible to the terrifying. However, one thing that most of them don't take into account is free will. Although sometimes your destiny can feel like being caught in a swiftly moving river, in truth, you always have free will. No matter what your destiny may seem, free will can determine your future. This is the year to grab the reins of your future through your free will. Although everyone has a different perception about the next three years, here's what resonates in my soul.

  1. December 21, 2012 is not the end of human existence. Plain and simple—this is not true. This is either Hollywood drama or it comes from people who get a sense of adventure by the idea of impeding doom . . . the same way people rush to a burning fire. Life will continue long after this date.

  2. It's true that there will be an acceleration of energy in the future, but this has already started this last October and will increase in 2010. We are co-creating our reality and what we put into the collective unconsciousness in the months ahead will dictate the circumstances of the future. Use this acceleration for transformation and healing.

This is the Year to Manifest Your Heart's Desire

In months ahead, you can find the truth of your soul. What has been hidden will be revealed. This is a time to listen to your dreams and intuitions and to watch for signs. The universe is whispering to you. When you listen, you'll make the right choices. Step out of the fog into your radiance. Focus on what you're grateful for and (as much as possible) don't gnaw on the problems of the past. Embrace this coming year with pleasure and delight. The theme for 2010 is "energy follows thought." Your thoughts will become your new reality with increasing speed. Please don't waste this precious window of time.

Here are some things that you can do in the days ahead to take advantage of this powerful time.

Create a "Vision Seed Collage" for the Future

Creating a collage for your desired future works because it gives form to the unseen. The process is a ceremony of creation that facilitates your dreams coming true. Here are some suggestions: Don't try to find photos of the exact "things" that you want. Instead, use photos or words that give you the "feeling" that you desire to experience as a result of attaining your desires. It's much easier to manifest what you want when you are in touch with the "feeling." Also, do not put anything on the collage that makes your subconscious scream, "That can't possibly happen!" Your collage needs to feel attainable and possible. Place your collage in a place where its energy can be absorbed by your subconscious.

Create a Magical Miracle Box

This is similar to the creation of a collage, but it's more fluid. Decorate a box—it can be cardboard, wood or plastic—and around the outside edges write: "Thank You! Thank You!" And on the inside lid write: "Whatever is written in this box is So!" Then, on slips of paper, write your desires . . . as if they have already occurred. When something manifests remove the slip of paper...and you can add more if you like. Put special objects into the box such as crystals or flower petals. Place it in a special place to help manifest your dreams.

Make a Manifestation Spirit Stick

Decorate a stick with yarn, beads, moss, feathers, etc. with your intention and prayers for the coming year. Every part represents a different aspect of your life in 2010. Leave it outdoors for 24 hours, preferable in a place where the morning sun can touch it. Then hang it inside so it can radiate that energy into your year.

These three seemingly simple things can make a huge difference in your coming year. To go to a class to learn more about these things please go to my website and then to the link to Soul Coaches to get a Soul Coach to set up a class for you.

Happy Holidays to you! May this coming year be filled with immense blessings and love!!!


Denise Linn

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