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Mumblings & Musings November 2010


This is my periodic newsletter that I call "Mumblings and Musings." I mumble a bit about my life and muse about the meaning of it all. I also let you know about my upcoming events. I hope you enjoy it!

Sparkles and Joy!!

Denise Linn

p.s. If this is the first time that you are receiving this newsletter (and you gave me your name two or even three years ago to be on this mailing list) I'm so sorry that it took so long to get you into my mailing system. Please forgive me. (I recently found a large stack of names and addresses that had been misplaced for a very long time.)

Walk a Mile in My Moccasins

Before passing judgment or criticizing someone,
try to remember the Native American expression, "Walk a mile in their moccasins."

Compassion starts with seeing the other person's point of view.

Here I am with my wonderful feathered friends
and my dog Pepper!

The waiting room was full when I arrived at the vet's office with a towel-covered cardboard box under my arm. People nervously awaiting news of their sick and injured pets asked me what was in the box. When I told them that it was my ailing chicken, they either laughed or rolled their eyes. The receptionist, knowing that the news wasn't going to be very good for the two men waiting on their injured dogs, told the people gathered in the waiting room that I was "comic relief." Looks of amusement graced the faces of the worried pet owners, and the banter continued with comments about eating my hen. One person even said that instead of trying to take her temperature, the vet should use a thermometer to see if she was fully cooked.

I smiled, not wanting to show how I was really feeling, but inside I was hurting. I loved my chicken. A number of years ago, we found her strutting and pecking at brambles along a country road near our home. It was not the first time that chickens had been dropped off along that road. Unfortunately, when cute Easter chicks grow into full-sized chickens, some people can't cope, and they mistakenly believe that releasing them into the woods gives them a good life. (Sadly, domestic chickens left to fend for themselves probably only live a day or two because of predators.) In the past, we'd been unable to catch any of the chickens we'd seen, but this one was different.

Mary in the lavender with her "peeps"
She's the red one.

She seemed happy to be rescued, and she adapted easily to her new home. I named her Mary and eventually many other chickens found their way to our home, but Mary was the first and has always had a special place in my heart. There was something different about this hen—she had an inner grace—that the other chickens recognized as well. She was always at the top of the pecking order and even the roosters left her to do as she pleased.

It was so painful to hear these comments in the waiting room. If only they knew how magnificent Mary was and how much I loved her. My first inclination was to judge them for their lack of compassion, but then I took a moment to try "walking in their moccasins." Just as they didn't know what Mary meant to me, I didn't know what was going on for them. By taking a moment to put myself in their shoes, perhaps I could better understand why they were making the jokes. While I was still saddened by the situation, I was grateful to remember the importance of compassion, no matter the circumstance or how it may challenge my own beliefs. There have certainly been times when I could have been more understanding and felt more compassion.

Years ago, I met a woman who had rescued hundreds of rats that were going to be exterminated after being used in the horror movie, Willard. She dedicated an entire room of her home to the rats, so they could live out the rest of their lives in comfort. Although I didn't say anything out loud, my initial thoughts were probably just as insensitive as the comments of the folks in the waiting room. My first thought was: "You've got to be kidding! You have one whole room in your home for RATS!"

Talking to her, however, I came to understand that she loved those rats (just as I loved Mary), and I could feel the depth of her love and compassion in saving them. To her, they weren't the "disease infested scavengers," that most people thought they were, just as Mary wasn't "dinner" as most people think of poultry.

Unfortunately, Mary was very sick and the vet said she was probably in pain. I made the difficult decision that evening to have the vet put her down. Her death was traumatic for me and guilt lay heavy on my heart. Wondering whether I had made the right decision, I tried imagining walking a mile in my own moccasins. What I would say to a friend if she were in that same situation? I knew I would tell her that she did the best she could at the time. I would emphasize that she would honor her animal companion's life more by celebrating it, than by feeling guilty about how it ended. Imagining someone else walking in my shoes, helped me accept and forgive myself.

We buried Mary in the garden right next to the chicken coop, so she'd be close to her "peeps." When one door closes, another opens. Next spring I think I'll get some chicks . . . and one of them will be named Little Mary.

Coming Events


Hay House Online Seminar: January 5th-February 1st, 2010 

"Unlock The Secret Mysteries of the Body ~ A 28-Day Jump-Start Program for Health, Vitality . . . and Getting in Shape from the Inside Out!!"

I'm delighted to invite you to participate in four session event in January! Thousands of people have participated in this revolutionary program based on my book Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body that initiates profound changes in the body . . . from the inside out! It's simple, easy to do, and only takes minutes a day.

There's deep intelligence in your body that absolutely knows what you need in every moment and understands that getting healthy isn't about depriving or restricting yourself. It's about living life lusciously, and cherishing and honoring yourself. This is a journey to lighten your soul and, thus, lighten your body.

Here are a few of the topics that will addressed during out time together.

  • Activate cellular healing and strengthening of your body from the inside-out.
  • Release shame. Love and cherish the body that you have, no matter what shape it is.
  • Clear your charkas.
  • Get in physical shape, easily and joyously!
  • Prepare your body to become a receiving station for trans-subtle energies that'll be flooding the planet in the years ahead.
  • Realize why you were born with your particular body.
  • Release negative karmic and ancestral influences that are held in your body.
  • Discover the astonishing correlation between your body and your life—change your body, change your life!
  • Understand how clutter clearing can heal health challenges.
  • Clear past traumas out of your auric field.
  • Use your body as an incredibly accurate oracle for your life.
  • And so much more!

Bonus: Includes 30 mp3 daily instructions and meditations

Bonus: As a participant, you'll be able to connect with others in a special "Secrets of Your Body" Facebook community where you can interface with other participants for mutual support.

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Hay House "I Can Do It" at Sea

I'm getting so excited about this!  The ENTIRE cruise line is going to be filled with Hay House people. If you've ever been at a Hay House event, you know how powerful this can be.  There are so many awesome programs and speakers (including me..ta da!! I'm going to be doing a past life seminar with live regressions.) This may be the event that changes everything for you.  To learn more: Click Here


London April 9th, 2011
PHOENIX RISING: Past Lives & Beyond ~ a splendid one day Event

In this one-day seminar you will embark on profound inner journeys—that will take you beyond time and space—you'll encounter your higher self and your spirit guides, and understand your soul's destiny for the important years ahead.  In this seminar you will:

Discover who you were in a past life
Release limitations that came from the past
Begin to comprehend your true destiny and purpose.

Learn about the choices that you made before you were born
Discover your Soul Agreements
Step into your future with the ability to easily manifest your inner desires

Bonus: Space Clearing:—You'll also be gifted with a very special space clearing tool that I personally bless. And you'll also learn how to do super-charged auric and chakra clearing for yourself, friends and family

Bonus: Powerful Soul Journey Meditation:—You will be given access to a 22 minute MP3 meditation created only for the members of this course—to play before sleep to dramatically accelerate your spiritual growth.

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If you desire to make a difference in the lives of others, and also be certified to lead Soul Coaching seminars, you might consider becoming a professional Soul Coach. The retreat seminars are intimate and it also activates powerful transformations in your life, as you learn how to transform the lives of theirs. Please visit my website to find out more: Click Here

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