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June Mumblings & Musings

Thousands of Angels
Earlier this spring, I had the opportunity to teach a Soul Coaching training in a picturesque medieval village in Andalusia in the South of Spain. On a cool and misty morning, I sat in the meeting room in silence and waited for the students to arrive. Suddenly, the stillness erupted into a mirage of glistening and sparkling light. The room filled with a beautiful warm glow that shimmered like the wavering horizon during a heat wave. The walls and windows of the room become transparent and a myriad of beings that looked like angels softly filled the room. It was incredible! They were visible, but somehow I could see see-through them. Through this radiance, my friend Caroline (whom I wrote about in my last newsletter) emerged and approached me. Bathed in the light, there seemed to be no separation between her and the brilliant glow. She was, in fact, made of light. She looked so very happy and serene. A broad smile spread across her luminous face as she looked at me, and then she turned to the angels and they greeted her with their warm embrace. And just as suddenly as the light appeared, it all vanished.

Tears streamed down my face, as I wrote in my notebook, "Caroline just died... March 23rd."

I had no way of verifying this, as we were out of e-mail and phone range . . . but I knew it was true. As you may remember, in my last newsletter I wrote about my dear friend Caroline's journey with cancer. After my e-newsletter came out, I received many letters from kind souls around the world touched by Caroline's story and I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what happened since I last wrote about her situation and her unyielding zest for life.


Days before I had left for Spain, Caroline and I had a final and heartfelt conversation. By this time, though she continued to maintain her cheery spirits and unstoppable life force, she was also starting to realize that her time in this world might be drawing to a close. Although, in many ways, she was ready to go—her body was weakening and it was becoming increasingly difficult to hold on—she told me that she was afraid to let go because she didn't know what would happen after she took her last breath.
Believe it or not, I actually knew.

As a teenager I sustained serious injuries after being shot by a crazed man on a lone country road. In the hospital, there was a moment when the doctors thought I had died. While the medical staff were trying to revive me, I was traveling through a radiant, golden tunnel filled with the most loving, luminescent light. As it turned out, it wasn't my time, and I was sent back to this world, to a body that was badly damaged and emotionally bruised. However, I will never forget that wondrous place. As a result of this, I have had the great honor of sharing my experience with others. I told Caroline that there was nothing to be afraid of on the other side. It's a radiant and joyous place filled with a bounty of all that is good and beautiful.

During our conversation, I promised Caroline that even though I am still firmly rooted in the earth plane, I'd find a way to be with her as she passed over and welcome her into the light. Even though this sounds like an impossible promise, I intuitively felt it would be possible. Knowing that I am a woman of my word, Caroline said that she was profoundly comforted by the knowledge that I'd be waiting for her when she transitioned to the other side.

When I returned from Spain, I discovered that Caroline indeed had passed over on March 23rd. It was the very day that I saw her enveloped by the loving embrace of the angels. It was a powerful affirmation to me of the interconnectedness of all things. Indeed, I had kept my promise to welcome her into the light.

I gained and learned so much from my dear friend Caroline both in this world and from beyond. From sleeping on her much-too-short couch years ago in her flat in London to watching her step into the warm embrace of the afterlife. I'm so glad that I took the time to cherish our friendship. My life is so much richer because of it.

It is my wish for you that, in your life, you will encounter loving beings that feed your soul, people to love and cherish through life's ebbs and flows. To me, the love we share and the friendships we nourish are the essence of what is truly important in life.

Maybe today is the time to call a friend and tell her what she means to you. Or make a list of the people who have inspired you or encouraged you, in ways they might not even be aware of, and tell them. Who has had a positive effect on your life, no matter how small? Perhaps it's a spouse or a best friend but maybe it's an elementary school teacher you haven't seen in years. Perhaps today is the time to make an effort to express love, gratitude, and compassion to these individuals. I'm sending you heaps of love and light. May the beautiful evanescent angels visit you in your dreams!

I'm so glad to be your friend! With immense Love, Laughter and Light!!

Denise Linn

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