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Mumblings & Musings May 2011

When "Sleeping with the Enemy" Is a Good Thing

When I wanted to start raising chickens, friends were concerned that our dog, Sadie, might try to chase (and potentially hurt) them. Knowing they were right, I decided to try a radical strategy to encourage Sadie to change her natural inclinations. It was one of those wild intuitive flashes that really paid off.

In a small room, I made myself a bed on the floor and put the cage (with the chickens in it) next to me and then got Sadie to lay down with us. It was a challenge at first, but eventually we all snuggled and slept together through the night. After a few nights of doing this, Sadie lost that intense look that seemed to say, "I wonder how chickens taste?" and began to wag her tail and try to play with them. I now leave the chickens out to roam freely and Sadie is a fabulous guardian, protecting them from harm. For example, if a hawk gets too interested in the hens, Sadie barks at it in a frenzy until it takes off.

Since this strategy had worked so well with the chickens, I decided to do the same when I brought a small kitten home. Sadie used to chase cats and as a result we were unsure about having a cat here at Summerhill Ranch. But once again, I slept on the floor with Sadie and the kitten, until Sadie eventually realized that Muse was a part of the family . . . and now they're best of friends and sleep curled up together so closely that you can't tell where one starts and they other one ends.

When I think about how well this worked with our critters here at Summerhill Ranch, it occurred to me that this is a strategy for life. If we metaphorically "slept with the enemy" and spent time getting to know the people with whom we have disharmony, we could potentially have a deeper sense of compassion and understanding for others. As a suggestion, the next time you have a challenge with someone, imagine that you are spending some time with them and really getting to see the world at their level. It might make all the difference.

Here's something very exciting coming up.

I'm delighted to be coming to Chicago for the Celebrate Your Life conference to do some events this June 10-13. Scroll to the bottom for more information (and here's a short YouTube video that I made to let you know about this event).


Denise Linn


Coming Events
Here are some things coming up. It would be a joy to see you.

June 10-12 — Chicago, Illinois — Celebrate Your Life Conference: I'm doing a one-day past life regression workshop and then a two-hour past life regression workshop all focused around clearing past life issues. I haven't given a workshop in Chicago for over a decade, so I'm excited to be coming back. Learn More
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July 31 — Sydney, Australia, I Can Do It Conference: I'm going to take you on past life regressions to clear blockages that originated in your past lives. Learn More
August 7 — Melbourne, Australia, I Can Do It Conference: I'm going to take you on past life regressions to clear blockages that originated in your past lives. Learn More
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