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I've just arrived back home from my time in Bavaria where I was teaching seminars for several weeks. My hotel was about 30 minutes from the seminar location and I was driven to and from the hall every day by a remarkable man named Chumba Lama. On these daily sojourns, I asked Chumba about his past in Tibet and Nepal.

The story that unfolded was astonishing and is a further reminder to me that no matter what your life circumstances have been, the past does not need to equal the future. You can heal the past and have joy, health, prosperity, and love in great abundance.

In a nutshell, this is his story. Chumba was born 34 years ago in a tiny Tibetan village that is so remote that the only way to get there is to walk for seven days. There are no phones, no mail service and electricity and no roads.

The circumstances of his conception were traumatic. Late one afternoon, four ruffians from a neighboring village chanced upon his mother and she was raped. Instead of helping her to heal from this horrific event, the people in her small village scorned her and totally rejected little Chumba when he was born. With no resources, and barely able to survive from hunger (because no man would marry a woman that had been raped), Chumba's mom took out her anger on him and beat him for the smallest offense. When an Uncle visited from Katmandu, he was so concerned for the safety of little six-year-old Chumba that he offered to take the boy to Kathmandu with him.

However, once they arrived in Katmandu, the uncle suffered a seizure and died on the street and tiny Chumba was left to fend for himself with no money, no food, without being able to speak the Nepalese language and not knowing how to get back home. He lived on the street for several years begging for food. At night he slept curled up in a tire. But bigger street kids would steal whatever he got and in the nights he was often raped by the older boys. He barely survived, living on the monkey biscuits when he could get them. A Tibetan monk found him and took him to the lamasery where he lived for over ten years. Eventually he traveled with one of the Rimpoches and met and married a wonderful woman from Bavaria, where he lives now.

Here is a photo Chumba Lama.
There was a snow storm while we in Bavaria.

Chumba is one of the most loving, kind, joyous beings I have ever met. He has every reason to feel resentful and angry about what happened to him in his past—who would blame him—but instead he has focused on the blessings that he feels that are continually bestowed on him... and the blessings just continue to grow. (Incidentally, Chumba would never call himself a holy man, he just thinks of himself as someone who relishes life with joy. But to me that is holy.) He reminds me that no matter what has happened in your past, you can forgive it, heal it and step into radiance and joy. It's never too late. It's simply a matter of focusing on what is great in your life . . . and there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for!

If you want more for yourself in the future, focus on what is great in your life right now. This works. It really works! Ask Chumba. He knows. This is what he did to transform and heal his life.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you about this special man. (He leads journeys to Nepal and India. If you are interested please e-mail me and I will forward your e-mails to him.) In this newsletter, you will get information about my online seminar this Thursday. It's going to be GREAT!! Also, there is information about some of my upcoming seminars and the I Can Do It Conference coming up in a couple of weeks.

I send you immense love and wishes for a splendid Spring (or Autumn—if you live in the Southern Hemisphere)

Shimmering Blessings!
Denise Linn

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