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Mumblings & Musings March 2011

Thank you so much for joining me here. I love connecting with you in this way. I call my newsletter "Mumblings and Musings" because I muse a bit about what's occurring in my life here at Summerhill Ranch. I hope you enjoy receiving these.

Sparkling Blessings and Shimmering Joy,

Denise Linn

What's Your Bottom Line?

My friends say, "Why do you go to him? Are you crazy?"

The man they're referring to is my doctor. I understand why they question my judgment. He believes that the aliens are among us watching . . . and waiting. He's convinced that September 11th was a government-organized operation. He confidently tells me that commercial vitamins for mature adults have insidious chemicals in them to slowly kill off senior citizens, so the government doesn't have to pay for their Medicare. He tells me that my driver's license has a tracking devise in it so the government knows exactly where I am. And these are some of his more conservative views. Yet I happily put my heath-care in his hands. You might reasonably ask, "Why?" The reason is that no matter what I see him for, I get better right after my appointment.

In many ways my physician is a throw-back to the country doctors of old. When I have an appointment, he sits back and asks me about what's going on my life, and then takes time to relate the latest town news from our small local community (as well as his latest conspiracy theory). He's never in a rush and genuinely enjoys getting to know his patients. When I broke some bones recently, not only did he x-ray them, create a plaster splint for me and demonstrate how to use crutches, he also personally called around to the local thrift stores until he found a walker for me at a fraction of the cost of buying one, because he always tries to keep expenses down for his patients.

I could go to a physician who has access to the state-of-the-art technology and the most up-to-day medical information, and who has a pristine waiting room with the latest glossy magazines. But I prefer sitting in the cramped waiting room with the cowboy who just had a rough tumble off his horse, the mechanic still covered in grease with a metal splinter under his nail, and the family of Mexican immigrants whose young daughter has a fever, waiting for a doctor who spouts conspiracy theories and has a creepy vampire calendar on the wall. I go because I know I will feel better when I leave.

Some of his medical information might be outdated, some of his ideas might be a bit unconventional, but it doesn't matter because I get my intended results of good health . . . and that's my bottom line.

Looking for the bottom-line is something that helps me stay balanced in my life. For example, if I'm having a disagreement with my husband, I sometimes stop mid-stream and ask myself if my bottom-line is to convince him of my viewpoint, or if it is to have peace flow between us? If my bottom-line is peace, then I find ways to reach that outcome. Too often people get caught up in being "right" that they forget why they were arguing in the first place.

Here's a broader example of how to use this strategy in to your life. You might ask yourself what is your ultimate outcome at work. Is it to spark creativity? Pay the bills? Give you joy? Be a part of a community? Or something else? Once you discover your bottom-line, you are much more likely to make choices to propel you in the direction of your desires.

Here's two questions to ask yourself about any challenging situation in life:

  • What is my ultimate desired outcome?
  • What action can I take immediately to propel myself in the direction of the most positive results?

I'd love to hear how this works for you. Write me on my Facebook page, it would be great to hear from you!



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London: April 9th Phoenix Rising: I'm so very excited to be able to do this one-day workshop. Not only will we be doing very deep inner karma clearing and past life regressions, but I will be also sharing about a space clearing technique you can use for instant aura clearing. You also receive a MP3 past life regression created just for the participants of this seminar. I really look forward to seeing you there!
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Toronto: May 14th, 15th I Can Do It Conference: I'm going to take you on past life regressions to clear blockages that originated in your past lives. Hang onto your hat, it's going to be a great ride! Learn More
Book Recommendation: Judith Orloff's new book "Emotional Freedom." Here's a book that I highly recommend!! It's an excellent roadmap for not only coping with the ups and downs of life, but for stepping into joy and serenity . . . no matter what is happening around you. Here's more information
June 10-12 — Chicago, Illinois — Celebrate Your Life Conference: I'm doing a one-day past life regression workshop and then a two-hour past life regression workshop all focused around clearing past life issues. I haven't given a workshop in Chicago for over a decade, so I'm excited to be coming back. Learn More
July 31 — Sydney, Australia, I Can Do It Conference: I'm going to take you on past life regressions to clear blockages that originated in your past lives. Learn More
August 7 — Melbourne, Australia, I Can Do It Conference: I'm going to take you on past life regressions to clear blockages that originated in your past lives. Learn More


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