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Mumblings and Musings December 31st 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcome to my e-newsletter. I hope you're enjoying great holidays. Ours were a bit of a bumpy ride (we were with someone in the emergency room) but the great thing about bumps is that it makes the times of smooth sailing so much sweeter. I'm sending you immense blessings for a wonderful New Year!

With my love... always and forever,

Denise Linn

You are awesome . . . and I love you

Earlier this month, the advanced copy of our new book, The Mystic Cookbook, arrived in my mailbox. I tore open the package, looked at the shiny, sumptuous cover . . . and held it to my heart with joy. Three years of work had finally culminated into this beautiful book, and we'd already received a number of glowing reviews. Our book was finished and out in the world . . . and it felt so good. Then the strangest thought scuttled through my mind; it went something like this: I can't wait to show my mom and dad. They'll be so proud of me. I was shocked to have this thought. My mother and father have been dead for a long time. And I don't remember them ever being proud of me... for anything. Where in the heck did this thought come from, and why would I ever think that they would be proud of me?

To give you a little background: Over 25 years ago, I wrote my first book. It was called The Hidden Power of Dreams, and I was excited to show my parents. The fact I'd actually written a book seemed like a miracle to me, especially because I'm dyslexic and I have to labor over every word. My dad was coming for a visit, and I couldn't wait to give him a copy. After he arrived, he lowered himself into an overstuffed chair in the living room. As I sat across from him, I glanced with pride at the book that I was gingerly clutching in my hand. After taking time to share family news, I handed the book to him, beaming from ear to ear.

I felt certain that he would be proud of my accomplishment, but he barely glanced at it. He dropped it on the floor, next to his chair, and told us all about the book that he was going to write. He never mentioned my book again (and he never wrote a book or ever had anything published). After he left, my book was still laying forlornly on the floor.

It just wasn't in my parents' nature to give compliments. Some parents ooze pride when their children perform even the smallest of tasks, and others boast about their children's accomplishments to validate their own self-worth. But not my father. He was competitive and seemed to think that anytime one of his children succeeded, it took away from him. And my mother seemed to think it was more beneficial to give critical remarks than to give praise. It took me years to realize (and I'm still working on this, even though they've long since been buried) that there was nothing I could ever do to change my parents' attitudes.

After years of heartache and disappointment, I discovered that I had a choice. We all do. Either I could spend a lifetime resenting my parents or I could use the energy (that I would've spent on bitterness) to cherish and celebrate myself instead. So, that's what I did . . . and it has made such a huge difference in my life. My friend, Louise Hay, has a great technique to do this. She keeps a small mirror in her bra and pulls it out periodically to look at herself and say something like, "Hey you! You are awesome and I love you." Along these same lines, every night before bed, my daughter Meadow says, "Goodnight Meadow. I love you!" It might sound strange to declare your love and appreciation for yourself, but it really does help . . . and as a result I find that my need for approval from others has dramatically decreased.

So when the random thought about how proud my parents would be about The Mystic Cookbook squiggled through my head, I immediately reminded myself that the approval of others was much less important than the appreciation that I had for myself. And who knows, maybe my thought wasn't random at all. Perhaps— just perhaps— in the Spirit Realm my mother and father were delighted to see the co-creation of our newest book.

Here's the deal:
There may be people in your life that'll never cherish you, accept, or praise you. Chances are this won't change.

However, it's important to feel acknowledged, and if the people that are closest to you aren't doing this, you can indeed find and cherish the part of you that needs this.

Simply close your eyes and imagine that a younger version of yourself is sitting on your lap, and then tell her (or him) how splendid (s)he is. As you continue to do this, over time you'll notice that what others think of you becomes less important. I know it might sound like a strange exercise, but it works.

Speaking of The Mystic Cookbook, we're over-the-moon excited at the warm and loving response to our book! Every day our hearts open wider and wider. Plus, we are so excited to offer a special free gift for anyone who purchases it.

In The Mystic Cookbook my daughter and I share exciting recipes and also little-known information about how to cook up a delicious life using the secret alchemy of food. It's a great book and I know that you will enjoy it!

As a special thank you for purchasing our new sparkling book, we are delighted to give you some gifts to jump-start your coming year. My daughter and I will teach a three-session Live Online Course that is full of tips, techniques, and activities to enhance every aspect of your life, from your relationship with food to your relationship with yourself! It's normally priced at $149, but as a special thank you, you'll receive this exciting new program for FREE! And, we're also delighted to be able to offer you four additional bonuses just for purchasing The Mystic Cookbook.

See below for some information about this online series. We look forward to having you join us!

"Cooking Up a Fabulous Year!

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Join us as we share little-known secrets to assist you in clearing out your old limiting patterns and uncovering what it is your Soul really wants ... and then hyper-manifesting your dreams so that your coming year can rock! Additionally, learn how you can super-charge the vibration of the food you eat to clear past lives, balance your chakras, activate abundance and love, and create legendary meals. The time is NOW! And as a HUGE thank you for purchasing Denise and Meadow's newest book, The Mystic Cookbook . . . this program is FREE!!!

Plus there are some great bonuses for you!

  • Four free MP3s to download that you can play again and again to re-program your subconscious mind in positive and powerful ways for the year ahead.
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You can purchase this book anywhere— Amazon, Hay House, Barnes and Noble, or your corner brick and mortar bookstore— to get the free gift. Simple write your receipt number with the words "Cooking Up a Fabulous Year" in the subject line and e-mail:
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As a participant of the course, you'll also:

  • Acknowledge the truth of the situation. Honor and accept the emotions that you have at the time. It's okay to feel angry, sad, hurt, or betrayed. Your soul loves the truth and denial slows down the healing process.
  • Once you are sure that the door is closed, turn away and don't look back. Looking back is like trying to drive your car forward by looking in the rearview mirror.
  • Be open to new opportunities, new relationships, and new ways of viewing the world. And knock on a few doors; you may be pleasantly surprised what's on the other side.

Here's some other things also coming up!

Divine Wisdom Retreat
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My friends and I are going to be co-creating a powerful frequency and healing energy field in February and I'd LOVE to have you join us. You will experience a profound and positive shift of your bio-energy field during an attunement.

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An Awesome Book!:
Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much

Yahoo! I'm so delighted to let you know about a new book that's coming out next week. Colette Baron Reid has written an amazing book called Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much that is a remarkable treatise for anyone dealing with any body issues. It's so well researched and has proven information that anyone can use. Here is a link to more information and some great gifts for anyone who purchases her book. Learn More

An Excellent Book!: Wabi Sabi Love

Another great book is being released in paperback this week and this book is 'off the charts' great for anyone who wants to find love. Arielle Ford knows what she's talking about and outlines great strategies to find your heart's delight. Plus she has lots of free gifts for you. Here is your free access to her videos and more information about this book. Learn More

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