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Mumblings and Musings January 2012

Happy New Year!

It's finally here...2012! Yahoo!!

Some say it's the beginning of a new era. Others say it's a year of dramatic changes. And there are those that say it will be "business as usual." No matter what your view is, there is most certainly a collective unconsciousness that will impact this year. Since there are so many folks focusing on the coming months, it's inevitable that their thoughts and emotions about 2012 are creating an energy field that in some way will affect all of us. You may already be feeling that impact. It intensifies everything.

This will definitely be a year to watch for signs and listen to messages that arrive in your dreams. The veil is thinning between the physical realm and the spiritual realms. This will make those secret messages from spirit much clearer. As a suggestion, follow the advice you receive this year from these nudges, even if it doesn't make complete sense.

Also, from a numerology perspective, 2012 is a 5-year, which means action, movement, and change! Expect lots of inner and outer changes in the next 12 months. A year like this is also excellent for personal transformation and karma burning. Hold onto your hat and enjoy the ride!

It can be easy to lose your balance in a year like this, but with a little preparation, you can be riding the crest of the wave, rather than being swept into a churning riptide.

Here are a few things that you can do
this month to prepare for the coming year:

  1. Clutter Clear: If you don't use it or love it, it's probably clutter. In order for new, sparkling energy to surge into your life, you need to create the space for it. Clear out what is not needed in your life.
  2. Create a Vision Board Collage for the year 2012: Start with images that express what you want to "feel" during the year. Peace? Adventure? Love? Strength? Then create a collage that makes your heart sing every time you look at it.
  3. Declaration of Intent: Declare that this will be the most empowering year of your life. There is power in intention and when you declare to yourself with passion and intent that everything that happens this year is propelling you forward... so it will be. Write your declaration on the back of your Vision Board.
  4. Hands of Light: Find/purchase/download/create a calendar for the year and hold your hands over each month—one at a time and imagine vibrant light radiating from your hands into each day of each month. Visualize each month blending in into the next with ease and grace.
  5. Water Energy: There is a lot of Fire Energy this year, so it will be especially important to stay very hydrated to balance it out. Drink plenty of fluids, take more baths and showers, have images of water (lakes, streams, waterfalls etc.) around you this year.

May this year bring unexpected delight and wonder into your life!

Many blessings for the year ahead!
Denise Linn


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Fabulous Glorious Abundance ...
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However, somewhere along the way a light bulb went off... and I began to use a number of methods to make a powerful shift in my relationship with prosperity. Now I live comfortably with my family on 40 acres in the central coast wine country of California. I'm excited to share with you what I found worked (and what didn't work) to shift out of poverty consciousness and into prosperity-consciousness. I'd love to have you join me. Click Here

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