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Mumblings & Musings November 2011

Greetings Fellow Soul Travelers!

Welcome to my newsletter that I call "Mumblings and Musings." (I call it this because I muse and mumble a bit about my life here at Summerhill Ranch in the Central Coast of California and whatever else I've been thinking about). In today's newsletter I travel a bit back in time. I hope you enjoy it and I send you immense love!
Denise Linn

p.s. Learn more about my new non-residential Soul Coaching® course below!




I was in jail once.

It's true, I've been behind bars. (Even just seeing those words in print feels like my teeth are scrapping granite.) However, there is a story behind this event in my life.

I was 19 years old and enrolled at Michigan State University and an opportunity arose for me to attend an international journalism conference in what was then called Yugoslavia.

The conference was held in Omis, a small, picturesque seaside town on the Adriatic Sea, and during a break in the conference I decided to visit Dubrovnik, an old seaport city to the south. The bus had been delayed en route, so by the time I arrived, it was getting dark. I went from hotel to inn to pension looking for a place to spend the night. There didn't seem to be a room available in the entire city. It was late, and I was exhausted, so I decided to find a park bench where I could sleep for a while.

This might sound like a strange idea but I had recently been in New York City, reporting on a peace march there, and I'd seen a number of homeless people sleeping on benches in Central Park and figured that I could manage it. I found a faded wooden bench under a tree in a small park by the sea, stuffed my purse under my head and tried to sleep. The bench was hard, and the breeze from the ocean was brisk and chilling. The newspapers I had layered over myself kept flapping in the wind, however, in the early-morning hours, I finally fell asleep.

I was soundly sleeping when there was a sharp tap on my foot. Startled, I opened my eyes. A policeman, holding a nightstick, stood sternly at the foot of my bench. I jumped up with a start. Two more policemen quickly arrived. They talked briskly back and forth to each other, and then gravely looked at me. My mind was scrambling. Was it a crime to sleep on a bench?

"Oh, I'm so sorry," I said, nervously cheerful. "You see, I couldn't find anywhere to sleep last night. You're so kind for waking me, but I'll be on my way now." However, as I turned to hurry away, the nightstick brusquely stopped me. I looked at the cold black baton and up at the men's faces and realized that I was in trouble.

The policemen indicated that I was to follow them. No one spoke English, as I desperately tried to explain that I hadn't meant any harm. I gave up trying to communicate and doggedly resigned myself to going with them.
Shock set in when I was taken to a small bleak containment room in the local police station. The policeman pointed to a wooden chair that was in the center of the room, then abruptly turned and walked out. I had a momentary fear that I was going to be interrogated or worse.

Finally, a large muscular man in uniform came in and asked me a question that I couldn't understand. He repeated the question again—slower and louder—and seemed to get angry that I couldn't comprehend what he was saying. He eventually gave up and motioned for me to step into the jail cell, which was next to the room. I looked through the bars into the tiny room. It was only large enough for a small bed. A sinking feeling filled me as I stepped inside. He pointed to the bed in the cell, gave me a small, tight smile and walked away.

I waited and waited, as the knot in my stomach got tighter. Finally, exhausted from fear and from very few hours of rest on the bench, I curled up in a knot on the bed and fell asleep. After a number of hours, they woke me up as evidently they had found someone who spoke English to translate for me. A young, thin man with pale skin and John Lennon glasses stepped into my cell and sat down next to me on the bed. I told him that I was really sorry that I'd slept on the bench.

"You not trouble," he said. "Police worry for you. They no want nothing happen to you. You safe in jail, no safe on streets."

An enormous wave of relief rolled over me. I hadn't realized how tense I was until my body relaxed after hearing his words. As I left the station, I shook hands with the policemen, relieved to say good-bye.

Lately I've been thinking about this event and musing about the importance of learning the details of a story before passing judgment. Although I wasn't really incarcerated or even caught doing anything illicit, as a sound bite hearing that I was in jail even just for one evening might sound alarming to some. When they know the whole story, however, understanding dawns. Many times I've started to judge someone's actions... until I heard the reasons why they had acted as they did, and then I was awash with compassion. It really helps to understand the forces at play in someone's life and to know that there is always more to the story.

When I start to make judgments here are some statements that I say to myself that help release judgment:

"I don't know the whole story, but if I did I'd be more compassionate"

"If I walked in the shoes of this person, I'd act and feel exactly the same way."

"If I had the same parents, the same upbringing and the same past lives, I would feel exactly as this person does and I would act exactly as they are acting."

When I repeat these statements to myself, I find that I have more compassion and understanding for others. And, as I said, there's always more to the story.

All my love,

Denise Linn


What's Coming Up!!
Here are some things coming up. Check out the new Non-Residential Soul Coaching course below! It would be a joy to see you.

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March 21 - 29, 2012

Non-Residential (space available)
For Registration Information Click Here


I'm delighted to announce that I'm doing a non-residential professional Soul Coaching® Certification course in the heart of California wine country in our beautiful town of Paso Robles.

This is a double certification course. You will be certified to do past life regressions, as a Past Life Coach, as well as being certified in a special kind of life coaching (Soul Coaching®). There are still spaces available and I have provided some information that may be helpful for you as you plan to join us.

Our intent is to help make your stay a rewarding and memorable experience! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

See you soon!

Denise Linn


Non-Residential Soul Coaching® Certification Course

What is Soul Coaching®?

Soul Coaching® is a remarkable pathway that allows your clients to truly "hear" the yearnings of their soul. It is a program for anyone seeking phenomenal spiritual cleansing, renewal, and transformation.

Launching your Career as a Soul Coach and a Past Life Coach

In this course you will learn how to do specific one-on-one coaching as well as how to take a group through the unique 28-day Soul Coaching® Program. You will also learn specific, little-known, methods to help your clients reach their deepest dreams.

Becoming a professional

Soul Coach and Past Life coach means being a safe space for your clients to listen to their soul's needs. Additional guidance is given to help you set up a Soul Coaching® career.

In this carefully crafted course, not only will you embark on your own inner quest, but also you will learn how to assist others on their spiritual journey. Using accelerated learning techniques; Denise will guide you in a personal, step-by-step process to develop your skills to become a remarkable, sought-after Soul Coach.

Soul Coaching® Program

In addition to your training to become a certified Soul Coach & Past Life Coach, this programstarts with inner "space clearing" during which one examines the values and decisions that form your core beliefs.

During this time:

  • Release old programming
  • Dissolve negative beliefs
  • Clear old blockages

The second stage takes you deep into the realm of one's true and authentic self.

During this time:

  • Listen to your soul
  • Discover your calling
  • Develop your intuition
  • Pinpoint your passion

The third stage allows one to design a life plan that supports and empowers the needs of one's soul.

During this time:

  • Map a dynamic future
  • Expand your magnificence
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Enrich your life

Soul Coaches go beyond the boundaries of ordinary coaching. They reach into the deepest wellspring of the being to touch the sacred space within. They provide positive and practical steps for their clients to experience an extraordinary, fulfilling life.

What to bring:

  • Good walking shoes for exploring Paso Robles
  • Casual and comfortable clothes. Paso Robles is a casual town, but if you choose to dine in some

of our more upscale restaurants, you may also want to bring a few dressier options, though jeans would be acceptable virtually anywhere.

  • Swim wear if you're staying at a hotel with a pool (optional)
  • Days can be warm, but the temperatures can drop significantly in the evening. Bring layers.
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen, since the sun shines approximately 315 days of the year.
  • Average temperature range in March: 39oF (4oC) - 66oF (19oC)
  • All materials necessary for the seminar will be provided for you, including a 10 lb. training manual (leave room for it in your suitcase!)

The non-residential Soul Coaching® training will be held in historic downtown Paso Robles, which is on the beautiful Central Coast of California, home to world-renowned wineries, breathtaking views, and great shopping and dining for all tastes and budgets. Paso Robles is about 40 minutes from San Luis Obispo, deemed the "Happiest Town in America" by the Oprah show. To the far north is the Big Sur coastline, where cliffs drop dramatically into the crashing surf of the Pacific Ocean. And, to the far south are vast sand dunes, which have been delicately carved by sea breezes.
See the photo gallery >

The Location

Rolling hills dotted with majestic oaks and picturesque wineries surround the charming town of Paso Robles. Watch the fog in the morning as it cascades over the Santa Lucia Mountains and settles in the Salinas River bed. The town, originally inhabited by the Salinan Indians—who were drawn to the area because of the natural hot springs—was originally called "The Springs" and to this day there are natural thermal mineral springs dotted throughout the town that draw visitors for their curative properties.

During class breaks, stroll through historic downtown Paso Robles and browse the stylish boutiques and gift shops or put your feet up and relax in the gazebo in the town square. Spend an evening tasting local wine in one of the many tasting rooms on the square or pop into a café for a lunch made entirely of locally grown produce. Along the way, do some olive oil tasting or satisfy your sweet tooth at our local old-timey sweet shop. If you enjoy hunting for antiques, be sure to leave room in your suitcase! From Americana kitsch and Western garb to classic American antiques and imports from Europe, there's something for everyone.

Although the Soul Coaching® certification training is an intensive, you'll have some time in the evenings to enjoy the variety of restaurants, sights, and activities in Paso Robles. You may even want to plan a few extra days to venture farther afield to see the dramatic Big Sur coastline, visit Hearst Castle, or do some wine tasting in this world-class wine region.

The Park Ballroom

Your Soul Coaching® training will take place at the historic Park Ballroom just off the main square in beautiful Paso Robles. The bright California sun filters in through the elegant windows, and in the distance you may even hear the faint blow of a train whistle, harkening back to the days of elegant galas and steam-engine travel.


The class will generally start at 9 AM each morning and wrap up around 6 PM, though the first day will begin later and the last day will finish earlier. It's recommended that you plan to arrive the day before the class starts to get settled before jumping into your training on Wednesday morning. There will be a break for lunch midday. Although there may be an evening gathering, most evenings you'll be on your own to explore the Paso Robles area and dine in our many wonderful restaurants. The specific daily schedule will depend on the exercises of each day.

About Paso Robles

Paso Robles, once a sleepy farming community, is now a bustling town, known worldwide for its award winning wines, charming streets, and beautiful scenery. In addition to its many wineries, Paso Robles also has a growing following for its artisanal cheeses, locally produced olive oil, and restaurants that rival those found in much larger towns and cities. The travel section of the New York Times ranked Paso Robles among the top 31 places to go in 2008 and Bon Appétit magazine ranked Paso Robles as one of the "Foodiest Small Towns" in America.

View photos of Paso Robles >

View photos of surrounding areas >

Getting Here

Getting Here by Air

To find the best deals, you may want to check sites such as KAYAK and BING that search a variety of travel sites at once.

San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport (SBP)—33 miles from Paso Robles (40 minutes). Served by United Airlines and American Airlines with connecting flights from San Francisco (SFO), Los Angeles (LAX), and Phoenix (PHX). This is the closest and simplest way to arrive. Quaint airport. Easy to get in and out quickly.

San Jose Mineta Airport (SJC)—161 miles from Paso Robles (about 3 hours)
Served by all major airlines, including some economy carriers like Southwest and Jet Blue. (Meadow says, "I'm a bargain hunter. If I were coming for the class, I'd fly into San Jose and rent a car. What I saved on airfare, I would put toward the rental car so I'd have the freedom and flexibility to explore the beautiful Paso Robles area.")

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)—215 miles from Paso Robles (about 4 hours, give or take depending on traffic)
Served by all major airlines.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)—191 miles from Paso Robles (about 3 ½ hours)
Served by all major airlines

By Train

Amtrak Train Station
800 Pine Street

The Amtrak station is 5 blocks from the Park Ballroom. The trains, however, are notorious for running late (sometimes up to 4 hours!). If you arrive by train, the Wine Wrangler, located in the terminal, can drive you to your hotel with advance booking. Or call a local taxi (see "Local Transportation"). or toll free 866-238-6400

By Bus

Greyhound Station
800 Pine Street

Greyhound shares its terminal with Amtrak and is 5 blocks from the Park Ballroom. If you arrive by bus, the Wine Wrangler, located in the terminal, can drive you to your hotel with advance booking. Or call a local taxi (see "Local Transportation"). or toll free 866-238-6400

By Car

Rental cars are available in downtown Paso Robles and at your destination airport. San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport (SBP) is served by Avis, Hertz, Budget, and Enterprise.


Local Transportation


Surf Cab Co
$90 flat fee from San Luis Obispo airport to downtown Paso Robles. Book in advance. Ask for Peter and mention that he talked to Meadow about this. They run one cab in Paso Robles for getting around town.

North County Taxi
From San Luis Obispo airport approx. $100 (cash only), meter runs. Book in advance. In Paso Robles they run one cab during the week (7AM-9PM) and two on weekends (7AM-2AM).

SLO Yellow Cab
From San Luis Obispo airport approx. $115, meter runs. Book in advance. In Paso Robles they run two cabs every day (24 hrs), but not on Mondays.

Local Buses:

Regional Transit Authority (RTA) (County Bus Service)

$5 day pass or $2.50 one-way ticket.
Tickets can be purchased online with a credit card at
or with cash or check in San Luis Obispo at SLO Public Works (976 Osos Street) or in Paso Robles at Rabobank (845 Spring Street).

To get from San Luis Obispo to Paso Robles, take Bus #9

You can catch the bus at the main bus terminal, the San Luis Obispo Transit Center (970 Palm Street), which is just around the corner from SLO Public Works where tickets are sold. The bus terminal is in the heart of beautiful San Luis Obispo (a 10 minute cab ride from the airport). For more information, consult the RTA website (

The bus will take you to the Paso Robles train station (800 Pine Street). From there you can connect to the Paso Express (local bus that runs hourly), call a taxi (see above), or with advance booking, the Wine Wrangler (located in the terminal) will drive you to your hotel, or toll free 866-238-6400


Paso Express (Paso Robles Bus Service)

Local bus that runs within Paso Robles city limits. $1.50 one-way fare.
Runs hourly Monday-Friday 7:15AM-7:15 PM and Saturday 10:15-4:15PM
They also have a "dial-a-ride" program for $4.00 one-way Monday-Friday 7AM-1PM. They will pick you up wherever you want and take you wherever you need to go. Consult their website for more information.

The Paso Express passes by many of the hotels on our list and has stops near the Park Ballroom and downtown restaurants; however, note the hours. If staying at an outlying hotel and dining in town, you'll want to make a taxi booking (in advance) to return to your hotel after dinner.


There are a number of different options from motels and hotels to bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals to suit your style and budget.
*All prices quoted are approximate and subject to change. For most up-to-date information, please contact the hotel directly. (updated 11/4/11)


Near Park Ballroom (within 4 blocks)

Hotel Cheval (boutique luxury)
1021 Pine Street

Ranked by Sunset magazine as one of the "25 Best Hotels in the West." Beautiful, upscale, centrally located boutique luxury hotel with an equestrian theme.
Classic room $265-$315 (more for a Deluxe or Luxury)


Paso Robles Inn
1103 Spring Street
800-676-1713 (toll-free)

Pretty garden setting, across the street from the main square in town.
Special group rate $130 weekdays/$165 weekend
(To get the group rate, book by February 20, 2012 and reference "Soul Coaching.")


Melody Ranch Motel
9th and Spring Streets
800-909-3911 ext. 1 (toll free)

Family owned and operated since 1960. Very basic, old-fashioned motel but clean. Great location. Book early since there are only a handful of rooms.
Weekday $55 (1 person)/$63 (2 people)
Weekend $80 (1 or 2 people)
10% AAA discount

Farther Out (Long and not very scenic walk—1 mile/14 blocks)

The Paso Express (see section "Local Transportation") runs near these hotels, but has limited hours. Consult their route map for more information.

Adelaide Inn
1215 Ysabel Avenue
800-549-PASO (toll free)

One of our favorites. Updated motel rooms. Very near the freeway, so it can be noisy. $5 breakfast voucher at Margie's Diner (huge all-American breakfast). Refrigerator, microwave (most rooms), and coffeemaker in room. Free Wi-Fi. Coin operated laundry.
$99.99 (Talk to Donna and mention "Soul Coaching" for this special rate. She will set aside a block of rooms until February 20, 2012.)


Best Western Black Oak
1135 24th Street

This is where we used to stay before moving to Paso Robles. Very near the freeway, so it can be noisy. $5 breakfast voucher at Margie's Diner (huge all-American breakfast). Refrigerator, microwave, and coffeemaker in room. Free Wi-Fi. They will pick you up from the Paso Robles train station (8AM-11AM). Call to arrange.
Approx. $99.99 for a king or two double beds
10% AAA discount


Even Farther Out

The Paso Express (see section "Local Transportation") runs near these hotels, but has limited hours. Consult their route map for more information

Courtyard Marriott (1.25 miles to Park Ballroom)
120 S. Vine Street

Newest and largest hotel in town with many amenities. It is a very long walk to the Park Ballroom but somewhat more scenic than walking from Adelaide Inn or Best Western Black Oak. Coffeemaker and refrigerator in each room. Fitness center. Free laundry. Business center. Free Wi-Fi. Restaurant that serves breakfast and dinner (not included). Next to a freeway onramp, so it can be noisy.
Special group rate $119 weekdays/$159 weekend
(To get the group rate, book by February 29, 2012 and reference "Soul Coaching.")

La Bellasera Hotel and Suites (3 miles to Park Ballroom)
206 Alexa Court

Elegant new Tuscan themed hotel with a nice restaurant and beautiful pool (though very noisy since the pool area sits near the freeway). Free Wi-Fi. Coffeemaker and refrigerator. Rooms are spacious. Near Target and other stores.
Executive king room $189-239 (more for Deluxe, Luxury Suites, and Master Suites)


Bed and Breakfasts

There are a growing number of charming bed and breakfasts in Paso Robles. If you're arriving by car and don't mind being a few miles out of town, you may want to consider a winery bed and breakfast for the beautiful views. We do not have personal relationships with any one B&B in particular but suggest the following websites as a jumping off point for your search. (for reviews)


Vacation Rentals

Paso Robles offers a number of options of vacation rentals. Look for one that says "Westside" and "Near Downtown" to make sure you find something within walking distance of the Park Ballroom. We cannot guarantee any of these homes, but we are happy to give you input.

Vacation Rental by Owner

Home Away

Paso Robles Vacation Rentals

For Reviews


Other Options

Couch Surfing
The idea is that people volunteer a spare bedroom or couch for travelers and in exchange when they travel, other volunteers will offer them a place to stay. Although we've never tried it, Denise's sister frequently travels this way and has had many good experiences. For more information, consult the website.


Home Exchange
There is a growing trend of people who swap their home with another family in order to vacation more economically and live like a local. We have yet to try it, but a family friend has done it many times. Most recently, she and her husband spent a wonderful week in Paris on a home exchange. If you're looking for a fun new experience and a budget friendly way to stay in Paso Robles for the Soul Coaching® training, this might be an interesting option. However, as we've never done it ourselves, we cannot guarantee or vouch for any of these websites or for any particular home.

There are many companies that help facilitate home exchanges, the following are just a sampling. (Compares home exchange sites) (This is the site our friend uses)


Paso Robles was ranked as one of the "Foodiest Small Towns" by Bon Appétit magazine. Many local restaurants have been mentioned in national food and wine publications, including Wine Spectator and The New York Times. Many of

the restaurants specialize in using locally raised and produced products. Paso Robles boasts a vast array of dining options for every taste and budget. From popular "hole-in-the-wall" Mexican taquerias to elegant French dining, you'll find whatever you're craving within walking distance of the Park Ballroom.


1401 Park Street 805-237-8084
Upscale American fare using handmade and local products, featured in many magazines and newspapers.

Villa Creek
1144 Pine Street
Fresh, local, and organic. Modern interpretation of the cuisine of the early padres of California. (P.S. Meadow loves their unusual cocktails, especially the one with the Serrano chile.)

Bistro Laurent
1202 Pine Street 805-226-8191
Traditional French bistro

Il Cortile
608 12th Street 805-226-0300
Homemade Italian favorites in an elegant setting with an outdoor patio:

Buona Tavola
I943 Spring Street
Authentic Northern Italian fare. They even have a gluten free menu (Call ahead to confirm they have GF pasta in stock).

Mid-Range "Wine Country" fare:

Berry Hill Bistro
1114 Pine Street
Wine country cuisine. (Denise loves the seared tuna sandwich)

Thomas Hill Organics
1305 Park Street
Specializing in farm-to-table dishes from their organic farm.


Amsterdam Coffee House
735 13th Street
Great independently owned coffee shop, enticing desserts.

Cowgirl Café
1316 Pine Street 805-238-6403

Big American breakfast:

Downtown Brewing Co.
1108 Pine Street
Nice views of the park. Great for beer and American standbys.

Mission Pizza
625 12th Street
American style pizza. They deliver if order is over $20.


El Vino Restaurant
1510 Park Street
Casual Mexican restaurant. Nice people.

Papi's Tacos & Gorditas
840 13th Street
Inexpensive taqueria. They have a great salsa bar. (One summer Meadow went to Papi's so often they knew her by name.)


828 11th Street 805-238-9945

Decent Thai food for a small town.

Thai Classic
1212 Park Street
Decent Thai food for a small town.

Yanagi Sushi Bar and Grill
1221 Park Street
Not the same as big city sushi, but good for Paso Robles

Vietnam Import and Tea House
721 12th Street
Although the tables are interspersed among Asian imports for sale, you'll feel like you're eating in the owner's home. (The owner and Meadow swap fresh herbs from their respective gardens.)

Out of town:

Ian McPhee's Grill
416 Main Street, Templeton
This is a 10-minute drive from downtown Paso Robles, but worth it for large portions
of delicious salads and local grilled meats and fish. This is a Linn favorite. You can't get more American West than Templeton, CA.

Robin's Restaurant
4095 Burton Drive, Cambria
Fresh and eclectic world cuisine in a beautiful garden setting near the famed Moonstone Drive in the seaside town of Cambria, about 40 minutes from downtown Paso Robles.

726 Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo 805-543-3986
Denise's favorite restaurant in San Luis Obispo, about 40 minutes from Paso Robles. Delicious food with an international flare. They have a lovely patio overlooking the river.

Windows on the Water
699 Embarcadero, Suite 7, Morro Bay 805-772-0677
Beautiful views overlooking Morro Bay harbor. Fresh seafood with a modern twist. Morro Bay, of Beach Boy fame, is about 40 minutes from downtown Paso Robles.

Contact Us

Once again, if there is anything more you wish to know that will help your trip go more smoothly, please contact us. ~ Soul Coaching® Certification info ~ general information 805.239.8878

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