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Mumblings and Musings November 22nd 2014

Is It Really Possible to Shape-Shift into an Animal?

If you'd asked me in my younger years if it were possible to shape-shift into another form, I would have declared that it was absolutely, unconditionally not possible. Probably I would've even scoffed at anyone who would pose such a question.
I may have argued that one might imagine being a jaguar or a hummingbird, but you couldn't really become one. That was impossible. But, my teacher Dancing Feather, a Pueblo Native American, changed that.

Dancing Feather was the most humble and sincere person I've ever known. He didn't speak much, but when he did, he spoke the truth. One day he told me that he was in the fox family. I asked what that meant. He said that he, his father, grandfather, and all his ancestors turned themselves into foxes to gain knowledge of the inner realms.

With hesitation, I said, "Oh, you mean that you imagine you're a fox?"

He looked at me with patient eyes and said softly, "No, Denise. We really turn ourselves into foxes."

"But if I was in the room I wouldn't really see a fox? I would just see you imaging that you were a fox, right?" I persisted.

"No, you would see a fox, because we really can turn ourselves into foxes."
And then he just looked at me as if to say, The world is so much bigger and so much more mystical than you can know, Denise.

As I looked into his soulful eyes, I was shaken. Dancing Feather never lied. It wasn't in his nature. I could either accept what he told me as truth, or I could believe he was telling tall tales. It felt as if a kind of inner earthquake trembled in my soul and as irrational as it sounds, in that moment, I knew that Dancing Feather was telling the truth. I knew shape-shifting was real.

That first experience started me on a foray into the realms of shape-shifting. As I traveled the world, I spent time with elders, in various native cultures, who told me that shape-shifting was real... and they told me that the first level of learning to shape-shift is actually through our imagination.

And thus I began to practice shape-shifting into various trees and animals. I don't think that I have successfully really become an animal or tree, my Western skepticism runs too deep. But I've had incredible experiences where I felt that I completely dissolved into the consciousness of another form.

A butterfly perceives an entirely different reality from ours. How do I know this? I've looked at the world through the eyes of a butterfly. And you can too!


Exercise: Shape-Shifting

To shape-shift means to expand your awareness so that you can enter the consciousness of other life forms. When you've seen the world through the eyes of a butterfly, for example, life expands majestically and nothing looks the same. From the perception of a butterfly, the world is filled with vibrations, colors, and shapes that seem unrecognizable and indefinable at first; in fact, there's no perception of human beings in a butterfly's reality, aside from movement and color.

Learning to shape-shift can open an entirely new dimension to your life.

Here's how to do it: As you sit quietly (preferably in nature), take a few deep breaths. Relax your eyes. Relax your thoughts. Then take a few more deep breaths.

Spend some time looking at the environment around you. While you do this, begin to imagine yourself slowly dissolving and then re-forming as a tree, a rock, a cloud, a beetle, a flower, or whatever is in your immediate environment. Do this for as long as you feel comfortable, then take a few more deep breaths and slowly bring yourself back to full waking human consciousness.

Shape-shifting is like anything else, the more you practice it the more proficient you become

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