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Mumblings & Musings October 2011

Welcome to my October e-newsletter called "Mumblings and Musings" in which I share a little about my life here at Summerhill Ranch in the Central Coast of California and let you know what's coming up.

Sparkles and Joy!
Denise Linn

The Great Chicken Feather Mystery


Here I am with some of the chickens. Mork is the white one off to the right

I love my chickens. Okay, let's say that I'm crazy about them, especially the noble and quirky rooster, Mork. Ever since his ignoble beginnings, we have had a special affinity for each other. One overcast evening, my daughter and I were out at the chicken coop and an egg fell five feet onto hard pack dirt. I figured some of the night creatures would find the broken egg and eat it, so I wasn't going to bother trying to retrieve it. As we were walking away, in the darkness we heard a small distressed peeping.

I raced back and scrambling around in the dark until I finally found a cracked, smashed egg. (I had no idea that the egg was fertile, let alone that it was housing a chick.) I cradled the peeping mess of eggshell and wet feathers in my hands and took it into the house. A few hours later the fluffy, indomitable Mork made his debut in the world. For the first few months of his life he lived in box in my office, until he was ready to join the flock. Little did I know the depth of his chicken-bonding at the time.

"He Fell From the Sky"

Here's Mork trying to get in the house

Mork seemed the perfect name because like the late 70s television show (in which the alien Mork - played by Robin Williams - fell out of the sky in an egg.) Our intrepid rooster was originally called "Miracle" because it was a miracle he survived the fall, and a miracle that we heard his peep, and a miracle that I was able to locate him in the dark on the ground, and a miracle that he survived his premature birth. But the name Miracle was a mouthful, so he earned the nickname Mork.

As Mork grew into a stately rooster his affinity for me deepened. When I return from a trip, he gets so excited to see me that he does a kind of Indian dance in circles around me. He also spends a good part of the day checking all the doors into the house, trying to discover a way in to find me. Often I'll be at my computer and hear a small sound and look down to see that Mork has somehow found a way into my office. He will have nestled down next to my chair and be gazing up at me with a blissed look of devotion. Also, if he hears my voice, he will go to the nearest window and crow until I come out and hold him. (Yes, he loves to be petted.)

Where Have All the Feathers Gone?

Here's Bogart (before his tail feathers mysteriously disappeared)

Recently I'd noticed that Mork and Bogart (our other rooster) had lost their long, fabulous, tail feathers. In fact, both of their tail feathers were looking rather short and stubby. Maybe they had picked up some kind of feather infestation, but I couldn't find anything. Perhaps they both shed feathers at the same time, but instead of growing new feathers, their tail feathers just got shorter and shorter. I added minerals to their diet, thinking they might be deficient, but still nothing changed.

If Nothing is Working, Be Open to the Whacky, Weird, or Wild

When traditional solutions aren't working, sweep the table clear and be open for the wild, weird, or whacky. . . that's often where the answer lies. I was a fan of Sherlock Holmes as a child and felt determined that if I watched for clues, I'd find the cause of the lost feathers. Nothing seemed unusual until I one day watched them with our newly acquired goats. (The chickens tend follow our tiny goat herd, presumably the goats kick up bugs that the chickens eat.) I was amazed to see that Cody, one of goats, happily nibbled on Mork's feathers while Mork happily scratched at the ground and while Sahara was chewing away on Bogart's tail feathers.

The goats enjoying the grass after the first rain

As the mystery of the missing tail feathers was solved, I started thinking about other times in my life when nothing I attempted seemed to solve a personal dilemma and how often the answer was often outside of conventional thinking. It's been said that man is the only creature that will keep trying the same over and over again, even if it doesn't work. So in my own life, if I try the usual remedies and nothing works, I open my heart to unusual and even bizarre solutions. . . and often the answer arises. Here's a suggestion: if you are in a dilemma in some area of your life and you aren't getting results with the methods you are using, do something else. Even if it seems weird or unconventional. Even if your mind says, "This will never work!" Try it anyway. The more wiling you're to try new and different solutions that faster you can resolve the challenges in your life.

Coming Events
Here are some things coming up. It would be a joy to see you.

Celebrate Your Life Conference
November 4 - 6 ~ Phoenix, Arizona
Speaking of trying new things, I'm excited that the "Celebrate your Life Conference" in Phoenix is coming up. Yahoo!! Even if you have been to lots of other conference, there is something remarkable and palpable about the energy in this conference. The word "family" keeps coming up when folks talk about it. (As a suggestion, when you attend—no matter what speakers that you spend time with—hold your intended results in your heart and the sparkling underlying energy of the event will begin to transform and shift whatever is blocking you. It's actually quite amazing. Your auric field will shimmer!!!) www.CelebrateYourLife.ORG

Professional Master Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Practitioner Course
I'm teaching a certification course through Hay House that I'm excited about. In it you learn how to use cards to do readings for yourself and others as well as how to activate chakras and clear auric fields with the cards, and lots more. I'd love to have you join me! (This is probably the only time that this will be done as an online course.) Here is some more information: Click Here

November 12-13th ~ Tampa, Florida
I CAN DO IT! Conference
I'm delighted to be doing a past life regression workshop. This conference will open your heart and I would love to see you there! Learn More

Professional Soul Coaching® Certification Course: If you you'd like a career as a professional Soul Coach, I'd love to have you join me for my certification course here in the Central Coast of California. I've just posted the dates a couple of days ago and the residential course is already 1/3 full. The spaces fill quickly, so if you are interested contact us soon. Additionally, this year, we are very excited to offer a non-residential Soul Coaching® professional certification course at the beautiful Park Ballroom in historic downtown Paso Robles, in the heart of California wine country. Here's more information:
March 21 - 29, 2012 Non-residential (space available)
April 18 - 26, 2012 Residential (limited space available)
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Robert Holden's new book "Shift Happens!"
I love this man. He's gracious, kind and wise. In his new book he explores how to change your life from the inside out. The intro to the book starts with a story of two caterpillars walking along a tree branch one day when a butterfly flies overhead. One caterpillar says to the other "You will never get me up in one of those things."

Written in short essay style, Shift Happens! is about miracle-mindedness, and the art of possibility. Key themes include: 1) You are what you seek!;  2) There is Nothing Wrong With You; 3) Love is Your True Power; 4) Forgiveness Gives You Wings; and 5) When You Take a Step, A Bridge Appears. To learn more: Click Here

Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson's new book
"You Can Create An Exceptional Life"

I love both of these women and together their collected work has made a difference in the lives of millions. Here is their latest endeavor. It's filled with grace, wisdom and joy. Enjoy!!! Click Here

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I love my Facebook community It is such a loving, wise and kind community. I'd love to have you join me.
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