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Mumblings and Musings October 2012

Welcome to my periodic newsletter that I call "Mumblings and Musings." I'm delighted that you have joined me as I share a bit about my life and let you know what's coming up.

With all my love!

Denise Linn

You Never Step In The Same River Twice.

Two of my dearest friends are getting divorced. They always seemed so great together. We loved going to the "Concerts in the Park" with them in the summertime. Their kids would play tag while we'd spread out a picnic, open a bottle of wine and listen to music from the musicians strumming their guitars in the gazebo. I always felt like I'd stepped into a Norman Rockwell painting during those picnics. But life changes.

It is impossible to step into the same river twice, for it's not the same river and you're not the same person.
— Heraclitus

There's a part of me that doesn't like change. I know that it's the way of the Tao and it helps us grow spiritually, but I don't jump up and clap my hands with glee, and say, "Awesome, things are changing."

On the contrary, it often feels like fingernails on a chalkboard when change is on my horizon. I kick, whimper, and protest despite my affirmations to the contrary. Consciously I affirm, "I accept new things into my life" while my subconscious yells, "Baloney!!! No you don't!"

Big changes, like my daughter going to kindergarten, were hard. But I'm embarrassed to say that I've even rebelled when a favorite item at the grocery store was no longer carried, even though I've often found that the replacement products are better. When my favorite radio show went off the air I grieved, though I now really enjoy the country music that replaced it.

Everything flows and nothing abides; everything gives way and nothing stays fixed... Cool things become warm, the warm grows cool; the moist dries, the parched becomes moist... It is in changing that things find repose.
— Heraclitus

The truth is that nothing stays the same on our sweet planet Earth, as she spirals through the Universe. I can either embrace change or I can resist it... but nothing is going to stop the constant molecular dance of energy. (If I resist change, I just make myself miserable. But if I embrace the new input into my life, I almost always find a new awakening or a new beginning.)

So, for today, my spiritual practice is to embrace whatever change is in the air... even the divorce of my friends, even a change in the weather, and even our change of plans for this lovely day.

Here's what I suggest doing:
(if you're like me and sometimes struggle with change)

  • Affirm: "I accept this change... and know that something even better is in my future!"
  • See the Good: Instead of focusing on all the things you are unhappy about, list all the great things that are coming out of the change. For example, when Meadow went to kindergarten, I had more time and I began to write books in the time that I would've spent with her.
  • Trust: Trust that there is a divine plan for your life and that it is unfolding perfectly... even if it doesn't seem like it.


Here are some things coming up and some recommendations

I Can Do it Conference Pasadena
October 27-28 ~ Pasadena, CA

There are still tickets available and Hay House has a stellar line-up of speakers. I'm going to be doing live past life regressions. If you've wanted to know who you were in a past life and how that life affects your current life, please join me. I'll regress you into your past lives, so you can clear out some old blockages from your far past.
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Celebrate Your Life
November 12th ~ Sedona, Arizona

I'm so excited to be presenting a one-day workshop in Sedona for the Celebrate your Life event. Everything we do is gong to be magnifies dramatically by the shimmering energy of the vortexes.

Journey through the Vortex to Your Previous Incarnations (to activate mystical capablities).

A vortex is a place where the veil between our ordinary physical realm and the mystical realms is thin, thus making it easier to journey into those sacred dimensions. The vortex energy in Sedona dramatically magnifies the power of the inner journeys and the regressions that occur during this workshop. In addition to the powerful karma clearing regressions, this workshop will activate mystical capabilities you once had in the far past and increase your healing frequencies.
(If you're drawn to this workshop, you've had past lives in which you were a seer, oracle, visionary or a shaman. Learn who you were and how it affects your future.)
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The Mystic Cookbook is Coming!!!

On November 26th our new book, the Mystic Cookbook, will be available and we're so excited to share this with you. There is true magic in this book. Really. It's not an ordinary book. Not only will you learn the secret alchemy of food but you'll learn ways to dramatically increase the vibration of all your meals (as well as some great new recipes!)

Amazon has a great price now for pre-orders.

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Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology
A new book by Eldon Taylor

I've just read Eldon Taylor's newest book and it's fascinating. (Eldon's radio show comes on right after mine on For decades I've been intrigued by the power of the mind and how hypnosis and creative visualization can improve our lives. (I became a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist over 25 years ago.) This book shows you a simple and easy way that you can hypnotist yourself with excellent results. I recommend it! Click Here to find out more.

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I love my Facebook community It is such a loving, wise and kind community. I'd love to have you join me.
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