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Mumblings and Musings September 29th 2014


Thank you for joining me here for my "Mumblings and Musings." This is where I share a bit about my life and also let you know what events are coming up.

In this newsletter, I'm sharing a story about how the energy of the previous inhabitants (predecessor energy) can affect a space. (As a suggestion, if it's possible, you might consider learning about the fortunes of the people who lived in your home before you. Sometimes, there are strange "coincidences.")

Blessings and Love,

Denise Linn

Miscarriages - Predecessor Energy?

The woman on the telephone was sobbing; I could hardly understand what she was saying.

"I lost the baby; this is my second miscarriage. Why is this happening? Could it be the energy in our home? I need to know. I don't want to lose any more babies. Can you help?"

After she took a breath, she explained that her first miscarriage happened shortly after they had moved in their home. And then after her second miscarriage, a friend had said that maybe it was predecessor energy in the home, and suggested that they should learn about the previous inhabitants of the home. Her friend also suggested calling me to do a space clearing.

She was still crying as she said, "It sounded crazy to think that previous inhabitants of a home could leave an energy that could affect us, but we were desperate. So we took my friend's advice and we began talking with people in the neighborhood to find out about the people who lived in the house before us."

She and her husband were shocked to find out that the single woman, who lived in the house before them, had two miscarriages and was never able to carry a child to full term. Additionally, they were astounded when they discovered that the married couple, who lived in the house previous to the single woman, had also had several miscarriages.

As she described what they found, it certainly sounded like it could be predecessor energy.

I agreed to come to their home and have a consultation with them. Sitting on their comfortable, flower-patterned couch, with sunshine streaming in through the window, I explained that there are many reasons that miscarriages occur, however, because of so many miscarriages occurring in that home, I said it would be a good idea to clear out any residual energy from previous occupants, in the event that there was some predecessor energy. I added that I would set the intention for the space clearing to create energy conducive to birth and for a happy, joyous home for children to grow up in.

We set up a time for the clearing and blessing ceremony. The couple participated and the beautiful energy flooding the home was palpable, as the stagnant predecessor energy receded. It felt like angels gently alighted during the clearing.

And eleven months later, a beautiful, healthy baby boy was born ... and two years later they had another boy. The couple said their home felt completely different after the clearing and for them they believed that the space clearing changed everything.

They told me that after the clearing friends who visited (and didn't know that the home had been cleared) wanted to know what they had changed because everything felt different.

Realtors Use Space Clearing to Help Sales

Space clearing works... even if folks don't know it's been done. In the New York Times it was reported that the largest realtor in Manhattan (the Corcoran Group) hires space clearers to cleanse and bless buildings that aren't selling. This large realty company found that even if a building had been on the market for a long time, after a clearing, it would often sell. Even though the prospective buyers didn't know about the clearing, they would "feel" the sparkling energy in the space and would make an offer.

Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner

Creating sacred space has been my passion for decades, and one of the most powerful ways to establish sacred space is with space clearing. "Space clearing" (which is a term I coined 25 years ago, when I wrote the first of three book about it) not only clears out old stagnant energies, but also it can create sacred space.

I started training in space clearing methods over 45 years ago. My journey to understand native ways and to learn about space clearing took me to the aborigines in the outback of Australia, to the Zulu in Africa, to Maoris of New Zealand, and to a multitude of other cultures throughout the world, as well as to my own Native American roots. (I'm an enrolled member of the Cherokee tribe).

I used ancient and native space clearing methods until one day something remarkable occurred. I received a special mudra to use for space clearing... It felt like it came straight from the Creator.

Then, over a period of ten days, a series of space clearing mudras (special body positions that ignite energy) were gifted to me from Spirit. I began to use these mudras in combination with essential oils (which powerfully magnified the energy of the mudra) and not only did magic occur in the spaces I was clearing, but also the mudras ignited remarkable sacred space inside of me as I did them, in almost mystical ways. I called this kind of space clearing Elemental Space Clearing® and it is an honor to share this work with you. These mudras are not available anywhere else.

When you become a professional, certified Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner, you make a different in the world. It would be a joy to have you join me!

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Tips to clear your home of stagnant energies:

  • Tips to clear your home of stagnant energies:
    Cleaning: Physically cleaning a home, especially with the use of water, can clear a lot of stagnant energy.
  • Clutter Clearing: Anything that you don't use or don't love is clutter, and clutter can make a home feel heavy and dull. Start clearing clutter and you'll notice the difference immediately.
  • Salt: Salt has been used, more than any other item, throughout the world for clearing. Simply sprinkling a small amount of salt around the circumference of each room can bring clarity into those spaces. After 24 hours it can be vacuumed or swept up.
  • Smudging: Using the smoke of burning sage, cedar, juniper sweet grass, frankincense, copal, or incense to fill every room with the intent of clearing out old energy can make a big difference. (You can use your hand or a feather to waft it throughout your space.)

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