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Mumblings and Musings August 2012

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Your Hole in the Clouds

Here's what the runway looked like taking off

Meadow, my daughter, just returned from a trip to Alaska, and in her blog she talked about taking off in a small plane to go sightseeing on a dreary, overcast day. She was sure they wouldn't see anything because it was raining so hard. But then, like a miracle, a small hole opened up in the clouds and the pilot zipped up through it and into glorious sunshine above the clouds.

Hearing about her experiences, it occurred to me that sometimes in life it can feel like the sun will never shine again... but if we look in a different direction, we might just find the hole in the cloud cover. It's often simply a matter of looking up.


Looking Up

For me, the opposite of fear is faith . . .
and "looking up" is stepping beyond fear and into faith.

Here's what it looked like above the clouds

Looking up is:

  • Having faith that there is a Higher Power... there is.
  • Having faith that your life is guided...
    it is.
  • And having faith that there's always a hole in the clouds... it's there, you just need to look up.


Four AWESOME events coming up!!!

August 11-12 ~ Chicago, Illinois

Just beyond the veil of normal reality there is a vast realm of Spirit. It is simply a matter of knowing how to step through to the other side. In this empowering retreat, safely travel through mystic portals to activate the shamanic ability to shape-shift, journey into your dreams, find your true name, and discover past lives. I will be distilling shamanic wisdom gathered during four decades of training in native cultures around the world to provide you with a transforming experience. This will be an intimate, sacred and powerful experience! Click Here

Mystic Chef Event at Summerhill Ranch
August 31st-September 2nd ~ Paso Robles, California

It's been a decade since I was this excited about a course!!! For this interactive course, we welcome you into our home—Summerhill Ranch—for an intimate MAGICAL, MYSTICAL experience. Limited to only 18 people, you will learn how to shift the vibration of food, acquire a Kitchen Angel, and how to have the ancient tree spirits or your ancestors as your guests for dinner. And there will also be past life journeys (using the power of food and scent as the catalyst to elicit powerful experiences). In addition, discover the connection between your kitchen feng shui and your abundance and learn how to tweak your kitchen for wealth.

As an added bonus: we will go as a group to a farmers' market in a kind of Treasure Hunt to find the fruits and vegetables with the highest vibration and discover which farmers are in an energy alignment with their food, and we'll drum in the labyrinth, learn how your cells can access the higher vibrations in food, and much more!!!!
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I Can Do It conference
September 7-8th ~ Washington D. C.

I'm going to be doing past life regressions at these conferences, and it would be such a joy to see you there! There's nothing like these events anywhere on the planet. In just a few days you have the opportunity to experience some amazing speakers with valuable advice to help you step forward in your life. Click Here

If you can't make it in person you can also watch it via live video stream. Click Here

Celebrate Your Life (10th Anniversary)
November 9-12th ~ Sedona, Arizona
This is going to be an AMAZING event. Join me on a journey to one of the most powerful energy centers on the planet. The power of the vortexes will magnify your experience and propel you forward. We're going to be calling upon the energy in the vortexes to create magic. I hope to see you there. This Celebrate your life event is very different from the ones in the past. There is a limited attendance and the speakers will be creating interactive experiences. Click Here

"Soul Coaching®" on Hay House Radio: Please join me every Tuesday 10am - 11am Pacific Time on Hay House Radio. Here's the link: Click Here

I love my Facebook community It is such a loving, wise and kind community. I'd love to have you join me.
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