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Mumblings and Musings July 7th 2015

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Denise Linn

Ragged Cuticles Mean You Aren't Spiritual?

I sat in rapt attention as the spiritual teacher talked about how to live a spiritual life. In the past, he had taught us to get up at 4AM and meditate. I did that. He had taught us to eat mostly fruits and vegetables. I did that. He said, "Don't eat any sprouted food, as you are killing the entire life whenever you eat a sprout." Really? But I did that.

He had taught us to never wear synthetic fabrics. Okay, I did that. And he said never wear black or dark colors. I did that. (I liked wearing lighter colors anyway.) I wanted to go forward on my spiritual path, so I followed all his "rules."

But on the particular day in his class, he said, "If you have ragged cuticles, you aren't spiritual. Only those with smooth cuticles can be spiritual."

I looked down at my hands. Gulp. I had ragged cuticles. I surreptitiously tried to hide my hands. I loved my hands, but they weren't delicate, perfect hand-cream-model hands. They look like worker's hands; they are the kind of hands that like to dig in the dirt. And I usually had scruffy cuticles. At the break I noticed the women with perfect cuticles were not-so-furtively positioning their hands in sight, so everyone could see their cuticles, while I was covertly trying to hide my hands.

That night I lay in bed . . . dismayed. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried, I wasn't going to be "spiritual." Then, as if there was a booming voice in the room, I heard these words, "Who Says?"

These two words changed everything. Damn straight . . . "Who Says." I started to think about this. For example:

Who Says you never can wear black and be spiritual? (Don't monks and nuns the world over that wear black?)

Who Says you should only eat fruits and vegetables? (Mystical Tibetan monks, and even Christ, ate a variety of food.)

Who Says that I shouldn't spend time with people who aren't on a spiritual path? (Some of my richest experiences have come from being with so-called ordinary people living life the best they could.)

I went through the long list of "conditions" of spirituality from this teacher (and from the myriad of other spiritual teachers that I had had over a lifetime). And I realized that most of the so-called "rules," from each spiritual tradition, diminished my ability to live in the present moment. Each rule brought judgment into my life—judgment of myself and even of others.

In that moment, I relinquished all spiritual "rules" that I had accepted as truths. I started fresh, with the premise that my soul knew what was right in any given moment. I also decided that if I was going to adopt a "rule," I would only adopt rules that empowered me and increased my sense of well-being. (Hence, no rules about cuticles.) I embraced the belief that "The Soul Loves the Truth" and I became determined that in all my teaching, I would support others, not by teaching them more "rules" but in teaching them to create sacred space for them to get in touch with their own truth for their life. I've never regretted this decision.

So here's my advice.

  1. Make a list of all the rules and beliefs that you have in regard to your spiritual path. List all of them i.e.: "I should never lie", "I need to do at least 20 minutes of meditation every day", "I should only eat pasture-raised eggs", "I shouldn't judge others" etc. etc.
  2. In regard to each belief, ask yourself honestly: "Does this empower me or does it diminish me?"
  3. Only keep the beliefs that bring you peace and joy. Dump the rest. Beliefs are not right or wrong, they are just beliefs. Choose good ones.

Curiously as I was writing this I noticed that my cuticles are smooth, however I know now that the state of my cuticles in no way reflects that state of my heart.

Here are some things coming up.
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I CAN DO IT! London
September 5 - 6, 2015
The Light Friends House, London

Clear Your Past,
Open the Gateway for an Awesome Future

What would change if you broke free from old, limiting patterns that hold you back? Much loved Native American teacher and past life expert Denise Linn will lead regressions to clear blockages from past incarnations. Denise will also walk you through exercises to clear your bloodline, and release ancestral patterns attached to your energy field so that you will be free to be who you are in this lifetime. She will help clear away all the old energy imprints that clutter up your energy field and no longer serve you – to free up your energy to create new possibilities. Denise will lead a powerful energy attunement that will plant spiritual seeds for an awesome future!
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I CAN DO IT! Orlando
September 18 - 20, 2015
The Orange County Convention Center

Clear Your Past,
Open the Gateway for an Awesome Future

Break free from old patterns. Embark on live regressions to clear blockages from past incarnations. Denise will also walk you through exercises to clear your bloodline and to release ancestral patterns attached to your energy field. Additionally, you'll learn how your clutter has energy imprints from your past and how clearing your clutter can dramatically transform your life. Experience a powerful energy attunement that will plant spiritual seeds for an Awesome future!
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Celebrate Your Life Conference
November 6 - 9, 2015
Phoenix Arizona

I will be doing a workshop and a pre-conference workshop at the Phoenix Celebrate Your Life conference. The event will take place at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel surrounded by the beautiful Arizona mountains on November 6 - 9. Learn more

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