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Mumblings and Musings June 16th 2015

Welcome to my newsletter, where I muse a bit and let you know what's coming up. I delighted that you have joined me here.

Being Home

Just hearing the word 'Home' brings a swirl of emotions. When I was a child, I overhead my mother say to my dad, "We have to have a home!"

My dad, who had lost his job, said," I'm sorry. I don't know what to do. We don't have any money. I don't even know how to feed all of you."

"Well, do something! I will not have our four kids homeless," she said.

My father was desperate. My mother was desperate. I was nine years old and the oldest of the four kids... and I was really worried. I secretly began to pray that we could find a home. (I prayed in secret because my parents were atheists and didn't believe in prayer. But in the 50's even atheist parents took their kids to church on the holidays, though our parents told us that it was all superstition.)

I prayed on my knees with my whole heart that we could have a home. And then a miracle occurred. My father found some abandoned army barracks, it was a relic of World War II... and we moved in. There were six disheveled and rundown units that sat atop a plateau in a dusty farm town in California. He took a sledge-hammer and made big gaping holes through the walls between the units, so in the end we had a huge house. It was AWESOME! Not only did we have a home, but we had six homes! I felt that my prayers were answered better than I could have imagined.

I was wildly happy.

But then we had to move... again and again, for reasons I could never quite fathom. Each home was so different — from a small apartment in dangerous Southside of Chicago, to a bungalow in an equally dangerous area in East L.A., to a sedate farmhouse in Ohio, and so many more, I recount my childhood through our moves, but looking back what I remember the most is how each home affected the way I felt about myself and the world. It seemed that each home had a different kind of soul. It might sound strange but I felt some homes embraced me and some ignored me. Each one had a different personality.

As an adult, my passion for "being at home" with self, others and the Universe lead me to study space clearing. (I originated the word as there was no word to describe working with home energy.) I trained in native cultures around the world, wrote three books on the subject and founded one of the largest institutes of space clearing, called Interior Alignment® where I shared all that I had learned in various traditions that I had studied.

Recently Hay House also allowed me to make some FREE videos so you can begin to learn some of these methods to use instantly in your own home and life. They are methods I teach in my online course and I'm overjoyed to share these with you for free. I really hope that you like them. They come from my heart to yours.

Blessings and Love,

Denise Linn

Video 1 is about using sound to balance the energy in your body and home

Video 2 I explain about smudging and using smoke,
fire and a technique I use to remove abundance blocks

Video 3 I show you how to use water to restore and replenish energy,
plus some protection techniques

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