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Mumblings and Musings May 30th 2014

Finding Your Spirit Name

In native traditions a name is much more than the label that people call you; it's your unique energy vibration. Sometimes it's a sound that has a feeling rather than a word with a specific meaning, but most often it was a name from nature. There's power in knowing your Spirit Name. When you become aware of it, it can feel as if your destiny has been shifted and the utterance of your true name can feel like a profound blessing. The vibration and sound of it can allow you to connect with your essence. This is the story of how I found my Spirit Name...

It was a hot summer afternoon in the Cascade Mountains in the northwest of the United States. All day I had been thinking about how to find my true spirit name. To escape the heat, I took a walk into the coolness of the woods near our small mountain home. It was peaceful and quiet. Long rays of light filtered through the canopy of leaves overhead. I stopped under a large old tree and closed my eyes holding a prayer for a name. It was so still that there wasn't even the normal sounds of birds or hum of insects.

When I opened my eyes, a few feet in front of me sitting on a branch, was a great horned owl. He was so close that if I had reached out I could have touched him. He hadn't been there when I closed my eyes, so he must have landed in those few seconds. He looked straight at me. All I could see were his enormous eyes. It seemed like such a long time passed. Then, with a blink, he lifted his massive wings and silently glided away into the forest.

After a moment, the afternoon sounds of the forest returned. I looked at the branch where the owl had landed. Three small, downy feathers were caught on it. I picked them up and held them in my hand. They were so soft and white.

Suddenly, I heard an inner voice say, "Put the feathers in your medicine bag." The words puzzled me. I had a beautiful medicine bag, but it wasn't with me. Again I heard the voice. "You are your own medicine bag," the voice insisted. "Put the feathers in your medicine bag."

The invitation seemed clear: I was being asked to take the feathers into my body. Without further thought, I put the feathers into my mouth and swallowed them. (I don't recommend this. Feathers are very hard to swallow and not sanitary, but that didn't occur to me at the time.) The inner voice continued, "As you have taken owl feathers into your body, the spirit of the owl has permeated your being and shall always be with you."

Gradually, I came back to the reality of the woods around me, with a feeling of serenity and strength. This experience precipitated the awareness that my spirit name was "White Feather." (My husband, David, who still can't believe that I actually ate feathers, jokes that my true name is "Eating Feather.")

Once I acquired my Spirit Name, I felt like I'd come home. Every time I said, "I am White Feather," I felt a sense of peace wash over me. There is great power in a name that is in alignment with your essence. Every time you are called by that name, or you think of yourself in that way, it reinforces your spirit.

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With love, blessings, and Sparkles,

Denise Linn


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