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Mumblings and Musings May 16th 2013


Welcome to "Mumblings and Musings". I'm delighted that you're here. In my newsletters I let you know a bit about what's going on in my life and also what events are on the horizon.

Here at Summerhill Ranch, we're thrilled because our black hen (named Smudge) finally has a chick. It feels like a miracle because for eight years now she has gotten "broody" every spring . . . and yet no chicks. And now, finally, she has hatched an egg and she's so proud. It's not the cutest chick we've ever seen, but Smudge acts like her chick is the smartest, cleverest, wisest, most beautiful chick in the world. Every day I run up the hill to the chicken coop and watch Smudge cluck happily over her baby. My heart feels so full just watching her.

I figure if Smudge can have a chick, after eight years of trying, anything is possible. (After their third year, most chickens dramatically slow down egg production... and this is her eighth season!) So every time I look at Smudge and her chick, I feel inspired, and I remind myself that sometimes miracles take time. It's like the bamboo that grows underground for two years, and it never looks like anything is happening. And then, at the end of the second year, it sprouts and grows 50 feet. Sometimes miracles just take time and it's important to never give up hope.

Speaking of inspiration, an incredibly, inspiring event is coming up and I'm so excited to be sharing this with you. I don't think there has ever been anything like this in the world and it's going to be amazing! Hay House has invited 100 of the best know mind/body /spirit teachers—including Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, and Wayne Dyer—and each will be giving an hour of helpful tips, profound wisdom and practical, little-known advice on how to live a joyous, balanced life. (I'm honored and delighted to be one of the speakers too.) And it's all FREE!!! I'd love to have you join us. If you'd like to learn how to access it all, here are some links below.

With all my love,

Denise Linn


Hay House World Summit

Whether you're embracing your health, deepening your spirituality, nurturing your relationships, exploring the world of possibility, or a combination of all of the above — many have chosen Hay House to be their favorite resource and hub of wisdom over the years. To celebrate this tradition of learning and sharing, Hay House has created a new, free, online event just for you: the Hay House World Summit.

Listen in during the week of June 1st through the 10th to more than 100 authors and experts as they share their stories, powerful exercises and advice on how to live your best life.

Popular self-help authors and visionary teachers from an array of fields will sit down for enlightening conversations hosted by industry professionals and fellow authors. Best-selling author Wayne Dyer will share his insight and expertise on manifestation and divine intelligence. Interviews with health advocates including Kris Carr, Julie Daniluk and Donna Gates will illuminate the many paths to healing your body and enjoying your health. Fresh off the success of his new book The Tapping Solution, Nick Ortner will share a simple solution for stress-free living. Relax and enjoy guided meditation exercises from Denise Linn and Sonia Choquette among many others. John Holland will discuss how to tap in to your soul's innate desires and abilities in his interview; while as an interviewer, he will engage with other intuitive speakers about divine guidance and mediumship. Best of all, Hay House is thrilled to invite you to listen to Louise Hay, the founder of Hay House, discuss the beginnings of her company and the affirmations and positive thoughts that help her live a balanced and joyful life. To see the full schedule of authors, go to

Hay House World Summit

When you register for the Hay House World Summit, you will receive six bonus videos to kick off your experience. Watch as Hay House President and CEO Reid Tracy sits down with Louise Hay, Suze Orman, Doreen Virtue, Esther Hicks, Cheryl Richardson, and Wayne Dyer in never-before-seen, entertaining and personal conversations. Join in the fun at the Hay House World Summit to get more from these and other authors and gain even greater insight into living a happy, healthy life. Register for free today at

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