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Mumblings and Musings April 2012

Welcome to my Mumblings & Musings and Happy Spring! This is where I tell you a little about what's occurring in my life and also what events are coming up.

The daffodils and daisies are in bloom here at Summerhill Ranch and the goats are gallivanting around the meadow. My heart is so full with delight as I watch the bluebirds build their nests and listen to the frogs croak at night. Viva la Spring!

Please accept my heartfelt apologies for sending so many newsletters so close together. It's just that the Spring energy seems to gets sap flowing in so many areas ... including my surfeit of newsletters.

May Blessings Abound in Your Life,

Denise Linn

Dance to the Rhythm of Your Own Drum

Recently I was chatting with a woman while we stood in line at the check-out counter at a fabric store.  She was talking about how bad the economy is and how rough it is for everyone. I agreed with her about the vast number of people that are facing difficult times right now. Then she asked me, point blank, how my business was doing. I hesitated a moment, took a deep breath, and then told her the truth. I said that my business was doing well. In an instant, her eyes narrowed, she pursed her lips and a barely contained rage surged through her. She swirled around and turned her back on me and then left the store without looking at me.

I know that she would've been happy if I told her that my business was suffering, and said how hard it was just to make ends meet. In other words, we would've been on the same team. But to tell her the truth and say that everything was going well, seemed to put us at odds.

This is not an isolated incident. For many people right now, there is a collective unconsciousness that purports that times are bad. For someone to declare that they're not suffering can feel like a kind of betrayal to someone else who has the world crashing down around them. It's almost like they shout, "How dare you not join the "Things-are-Bad Team"! If you're not on my team, you must be an opponent."

Of course, it's absolutely true that many people have lost their jobs or homes, or have had their job downsized. We shouldn't be in denial about this. However, if we continue to always hold the thought that times are hard, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Although it can be hard to not to join the Life-is-Hard Club, especially as the media continues to communicate this perception, when you step out of the collective belief that things are really bad, you make it much easier to step beyond struggle and step into more prosperity.

Here's some suggestions: 

  • Surround yourself with like-minded people. In no small way you are influenced by the people you spend the most amount of time with. Choose people that are optimist and see the best in the world.
  • If you're around someone who is declaring how bad everything is, have compassion for that person, as you know that this belief comes from fear. Without judgment, surround them in soft pink bubble of light. (But you don't need to agree with them.)
  • If someone really wants you to agree with them about how much suffering there is in the world, listen with understanding, but don't be afraid to share your optimist view. In other words, don't sacrifice your integrity to not upset the apple cart.


Here are some things coming up:

Soul Coaching®
Master Oracle Card Practitioner
May 4-6 ~ San Diego, California

If you would like a vocation that can make an enormous difference in the lives of others, you might want to consider becoming a Professional Soul Coaching® Master Oracle Card Practitioner.

I'm so excited about presenting this course! We're going to be doing very deep past life regressions work to clear karmic blockages to allow you to be an even clearer channel and also activate your clairvoyant abilities. I'm taking everything that I have learned through the decades and distilling it into this course and I'd love to have you join me.
Here is some information Click Here

Healing with the Masters
June 8-10 ~ Chicago, Illinois

I have something very exciting to share with you that I'm participating in. It's an online series that is opening inner doors for many to overcome extreme challenges and expand into a new level of ease and grace, as well as improve abundance and health.


It's so heartwarming that something that is this good (with this much integrity), and that can make such a huge difference in your life, is also your FREE. But it is true!

Here is how it works... first you register and in exchange for registering you receive access to 32 free shows (you have from now until June 7 to listen to live shows AND replays), PLUS you ALSO receive 8 Life Changing Inspirational Video Shorts.

This particular series has some of the BEST KNOWN names in the mind, body, spirit field, all are here with the intention of guiding you to your heart.

I delighted to be one of the invited speakers to share some material that you might not have heard before and create a vibrational energy. I really hope you will join us.

You will also be able to access 8 life-changing inspirational videos . . you can see a sampling by clicking here, each one is energized to open you up to possibility.

In addition, you will receive some wonderful bonus gifts of healing tools you can use RIGHT NOW.

To sum it all up, Go to this link and register

You will experience a huge amount of life-changing techniques, processes, meditations, invocations, healings and high frequency energies through this series of 32 shows showcasing the highest vibrating speakers of our time

Be sure to catch my show on May 8th.
You will receive access to 8 Inspirational and energized videos

You will be able to download 4 bonus gifts of powerful energetic healing tools that you can use right now

That's it...simple and life transforming.

If you haven't checked this series out before, this is your chance to hear what everyone is talking about, I promise you will be glad you did.

~ Denise Linn

Celebrate Your Life!
June 8-10 ~ Chicago, Illinois

I'm going to be doing a one-day past life regression workshop. The most amazing synchronicities and healings usually occur at these events. Additionally, I'm teaching two shorter seminars: "Past Lives and Abundance" and "Past Lives and Love." It will be a joy to see you there!Click Here

"Soul Coaching®" on Hay House Radio: Please join me every Tuesday 10am - 11am Pacific Time on Hay House Radio. Here's the link: Click Here

I love my Facebook community It is such a loving, wise and kind community. I'd love to have you join me.
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