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Mumblings and Musings February 2012



Welcome to my newsletter that I call "Mumblings and Musings." It's where I muse a bit about what's occurring here at Summerhill Ranch and also let you know about the events ahead. I'm delighted that you are here!

Many Blessings!

Denise Linn

The Great Turkey Vulture War: Don't Postpone Joy

Some of my greatest teachers are the animals here at Summerhill Ranch.

Although our dog Sadie will go out of her way to get an extra pat on the head or belly rub, she's not very loving when it comes to her arch nemesis. She absolutely detests turkey vultures. Whenever she sees them, she growls, barks, and races around in a frenzy. I can almost hear her shouting up at the vultures, "Come on down. I dare you. I double dog dare you!!!"

While I was out walking earlier this morning, I learned why Sadie reacts so vehemently to vultures. Like a racehorse out of the starting gates, she sped by me in a full on run. Curious to discover what had ignited her fire, I followed her and arrived in time to see a flock of turkey vultures rise up from the ground, wings pumping as they soared into the sky. As they flew, Sadie's bark became increasingly more intense.

Then I saw it... a large rotting bone, like the ones David occasionally gets for the dogs. As Sadie's bark became more shrill, I could hear her indignant voice, "That's MY bone!"

When the dogs get bones, Pepper usually flops down and greedily starts gnawing. But, Sadie runs off with hers, only to come back a few minutes later to stare hungrily at Pepper's bone. We always assumed she was burying her bones, but didn't know whether or not she ever remembered where she'd left them.

Now I knew why Sadie had a "bone to pick" with the vultures. She'd been burying her bones for another day, only to have the vultures discover them and pick them clean. No wonder she'd declared war on the vultures. Although the whole scene tickled my "funny bone," it also made me think about the value of not delaying pleasure.

It made me think about my grandmother's "good dishes" I received after she died. These were the dishes she'd been saving for special, unspecified events in the future. I doubt they were used more than a couple of times. I thought of how much pleasure she would've had through the years if she'd used them and enjoyed them more often. This reminded me of another relative who had her couches covered in plastic to protect them so they'd be in perfect condition for important company. Unfortunately, worthy visitors never came, so she sat year after year on uncomfortable plastic that stuck to her skin. She died without every actually getting to use her couches. I also remembered a friend, who bought a fancy dress for special occasions, but years passed and those uber-special events never came. The dress with the price tag still on it hung in her closet until it wasn't in style anymore, and she eventually gave it to Goodwill. I thought about all the joy she could've gotten out of that dress by not postponing the pleasure of wearing it.

Like Sadie saving her bone for a rainy day and never getting to eat it, I began to think of how many things I'd put off in my life that would've given me pleasure. That's not the way I want to live life. I want to embrace every moment and enjoy the people and things I cherish now. I want to use "my good stuff." So, today I'm asking myself... what am I waiting for?

Why Not Now? Consider asking yourself these questions:

  1. What have I been putting off that could give me joy today?
  2. Do I have things that I'm saving for a future event that may never come?
  3. What's the worst that will happen if I use "my good stuff"?
  4. Is it worth the risk?


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I Can Do It: Ignite!
March 17-18 ~ San Jose, California

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June 8-10 ~ Chicago, Illinois

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