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Mumblings and Musings January 21st 2014

Welcome to my newsletter! I call it "Mumblings and Musings" because... it's just that. For this newsletter, I'm sharing something that I recently shared on Facebook. I've been touched by the response.

Starting over frightens me. But what's worse is to continue down a path that is wrong for my soul.

I've been writing my book, "Kindling the Native Spirit," with my deadline the 28th of February looming. And over these last weeks it has lain increasingly limp and lifeless. The magic was gone and I didn't know exactly what happened

Then this morning I had a realization. I saw that by meticulously trying to document and research every sentence I wrote, I had yielded to a subconscious effort to "please" the small but dedicated group of people who try to intensely disavow anyone who writes about native practices (especially if that person has a background in new age beliefs). By trying to justify my every word, the book had lost its radiance and vitality.

I've been subconsciously spending so much time thinking about ways that I might be judged (and trying to defer those judgments) that I lost my passion and lost my voice... to the point where yesterday I considered dropping this project.

But this is not who I am. I do not give up. I do not allow my life to be run by fear. So it's time to start over. This time I'm going to write from the fire in my soul. Those that will judge, will judge... no matter how hard I try. So I don't know why I've been trying so hard.

Although I'm scared about what it means to start over with so little time, what scares me more is to write from fear rather than from my heart. (I wish I would've realized this sooner, but it is what it is.)

I'm dusting myself off and starting again. I'm writing what I know. I'm writing what I've learned and gained over the years. I will share from the core of my being to the core of your being. And the hell with naysayers. Please wish me luck. I think I may need some in the weeks ahead.

Because of the volume of response that I received in regard to this post, I realized that I am not alone, Many people wrote about the challenge of living from an authentic place, rather than living in fear of judgment. Many wrote about the emotional cost of constantly trying to live up to the expectations of others. I did a little research and there are even some doctors that say that this "disease to please" (as it's been labeled) can kill us. They say that the emotional build-up of not being true to ourselves can potentially result in cancer, stroke, and heart attack. If you've ever found yourself in the throes of these dilemmas here are some suggestions:

1. If you've been living to please others, when (if ever) will you live to please yourself? (Some people reach the end of their life without ever having lived for themselves.) Make a commitment of when you will start... and keep it. Sometimes it's helps to share your commitment with others.

2. Ask yourself what toll it takes constantly trying to avoid the judgments of others? List the toll and then ask yourself if it is worth it.

3. Do not sacrifice your joy and well-being for the perceived benefit of someone else. In the end, everyone loses. Don't wait until the perfect time to stop sacrificing, the perfect time may never come.

You have my blessings and love on your authentic journey of the soul.

Denise Linn

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