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Mumblings and Musings January 2012



Welcome to my newsletter that I call "Mumblings and Musings"...which is exactly what it is. I hope that you enjoy it.

Many Blessings,

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Pride Cometh Before the Fall?

I've always had a secret pride that I possess some of the qualities of my Native America Cherokee ancestors. For example, I can communicate with wild animals, I'm a good drummer and make great Native American drums, I'm good at tracking . . . and I'm good at walking at night without a flashlight. Or I thought I was.

Recently, it was a moonless night here at Summerhill Ranch . . . and very dark. There was something that I needed from one of the outbuildings and I decided that I would use my Cherokee ability to navigate without sight. To walk in the dark, it's important to move out of your mind and into your instinctual ability to sense your environment without your eyes. I thought I was doing well. I could 'sense' bushes and rocks. I could feel the energy of the earth beneath my feet, and let myself be guided by Mother Earth. I walked with a sure-footed confidence. I was so impressed with myself that I started to repeat, "Damn, I'm good!"

I was glowing with confidence, but perhaps you've heard the expression, "Pride cometh before the fall"? At the peak of my proud chest-thumping, I almost bumped into a skunk. I simultaneously heard and smelled him. I had had no clue he was there and practically toppled on top of him. I froze and then slowly backed away. I really didn't want him to spray me. I could almost hear an inner voice saying, "Next time Grasshopper, use a flashlight."

Pride Cometh Before the Fall

Musing about the expression "pride before a fall," I wondered if it was my pride in my night-walking ability that caused me to almost bump into a skunk. Was I was thinking too highly of my skill and that cause the near mishap? Or maybe it was something else.

In our culture, it's believed that if we think too favorably of ourselves, we're bound to fail. However, perhaps it isn't our pride, but it is our subconscious insecurities that cause us to fail. (Although I was celebrating my night-walking ability, when I searched deep within myself I found a fear of being out in the dark without a flashlight. I discovered a place inside of me that really didn't truly believe in my ability to walk safely in the dark.)

One of the most compelling forces of a human being is the deep need to be "right." So if have a deep-seated, subconscious belief that you're not a deserving human being, (even if your conscious mind asserts that you're worthy) the subconscious will sabotage you . . . in order to be right! In other words, it's not too much confidence that caused the fall, but actually too little. It could be that my subconscious deep-seated belief that walking in the dark is unsafe was validated in order to be right about that belief.

It's not enough to consciously believe something positive about yourself. You must also believe it subconsciously as well. The challenge is how to do this. As a suggestion, start with affirmations. Suggestion for how to use affirmations:

  1. Is it the right affirmation? Start by taking time to carefully craft your affirmation. Make sure every word is what you want. As a suggestion, make it specific and to the point.
  2. Create your affirmation in present tense. For example, the affirmation, "I will be able to pay all my bills" is less potent than "All my bills are paid, easily and effortlessly" because the future never comes.
  3. Say affirmations over and over with passion and intensity. Believe that it is true. A lukewarm affirmation does very little. As you repeat the affirmation really believe it to be so.
  4. Use your body. Stand and move as if your affirmation had already come true. This sends powerful messages to your subconscious that the affirmation is a reality.
  5. At the same time as you affirm your intent, also being willing to let it go in the knowledge that maybe there is higher path for you.


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