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The Way of the Drum

In ancient cultures, the reverberating echoes of drum beats carried the shaman into mysterious inner realms. The sound of the drum was also used for healing, to bring courage and heightened awareness to the hunter and warrior and by women for sacred inner journeys. Drumming connects us to the subconscious memories of life in the womb. Through the way of the drum we can become one with the spirit of all things. We remember our beginnings and touch the divine within. In these recordings you will learn how to use drumming as a powerful tool for re-connecting with the rhythm of the earth. You will learn how to enter the deepest recesses of yourself where transformation and healing can occur. Meditations are provided using the rhythmic stimulation of drumming to open chakras and promote healing. Included are original songs to align you with the elements and bring harmony and joy into your life. Denise ‘Whitefeather’ Linn is of Cherokee Indian heritage and has been adopted by a New Zealand Maori tribe.

"Denise Whitefeather is ‘at one with the drum’ and I acknowledge her. The soul with which she teaches drumming is the finest I have seen. I highly recommend her teaching." Quote from Morgan Eagle Bear, great, great-grandson of Geronimo.

Part 1

Sacred Heartbeat
Denise talks about the significance of drumming in the sacred ceremonies of native cultures. You will learn how to use drumming to enter altered states of consciousness and for healing. Denise discusses the effects of drumming on the central nervous system and how this contributes to the healing energy of the drum. She will tell you how to create sounds and frequencies to balance yourself emotionally and physically.

Part 2

Talking Drum
Denise invites you to drum with her as you find and attune to the rhythms of life. Denise shares chakra-opening meditations in connection with interactive drumming exercises. You will have the opportunity to listen, practice and learn these exercises. Denise provides drum rituals for healing yourself, your family, for the trees, for the oceans, for the sky and for the Great Spirit.

Part 3

Circle of Power
You are led on a powerful guided meditation allowing the primordial power of the drum beat to take you through the Mystic Veil and beyond. Follow the sacred paths where Medicine Men and Medicine Women in times past have journeyed. Connect deeply and fully with Mother Earth and ’all relations’.

Part 4

Spirit Songs
Denise shares her original songs based on her Native American heritage. This music reverberates with joy of life and a deep respect for the independence of all parts of the universe.


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