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Secrets and Mysteries - The Glory and Pleasure of Being a Woman

One of the most powerful and beautiful meditation recordings ever released.

A goddess lives in every woman. She is the part of each of us that is beautiful, sumptuous, and remarkable. But she isn’t always easy to find. Since early childhood, we have been conditioned to put the needs of others ahead of ourselves and somewhere along the way we have lost our connection to our Divine Feminine spirit. There is a goddess yearning to be born within you. In these recordings, Denise reveals how you can activate your inner strength to become a magnificent and glorious woman.

Do you long to live a life that is meaningful and desire a spiritual connection to the cycles of the earth? Do you crave the solace amidst life’s hectic pace? These four meditations are a must for any Goddess-in-the-Making. Each meditation expands the majesty of the feminine experience and deepens your connection to the sacred places within you.

Part 1

Unveiling the Mysteries of the Goddess
In our earliest history the reigning deity was the goddess. She was the primary symbol for the inner reality of life, made manifest in the moon, the stars, the flowing rivers, the morning dew, and the fertile earth. She represented the natural cycles of life. Although we now live in a technological, left-brain world...the divine feminine spirit still dwells within each of us.

This meditation can help you awaken your goddess energy; as a result, a sacred, creative and immense power expands within you. As you do this meditation again and again, you will find that you a deep inner strength grows within you.

Part 2

Awakening the Warrior Woman: Claiming Your Power
In life there are times to be soft and receptive and there are also times when you need to awaken the warrior woman inside of you. Occasionally we need to make a stand in life to achieve our goals and dreams. This meditation will help you activate immense authority and strength so that you can overcome any challenge. The human psyche responds powerfully to symbolic acts even if you only visualize these acts. The guided visualization up a steep and difficult mountain becomes a metaphor for breaking through any blockages and barriers in your life. If there is a challenge that you face in your present life, imagine that the mountain (in this meditation) is that challenge. As you ascend the mountain you are creating a powerful metaphor that can dramatically help you overcoming that particular difficulty.

The meditation: Climbing the mountain. Throwing your problems over the side of the mountain. Gaining inner power and prowess. Reaching the summit. Finding the sanctuary on the summit. Guidance from a holy woman. The journey back home.

Part 3

Loving and Appreciating Your Body: Your Divine Temple
You have the body of a goddess! Goddesses throughout history are presented in a multitude of ways. Some are very plump and voluptuous, some are elongated and thin...some are tall, and some short. The portrayal of goddess bodies are as varied as the wonderful variety of women’s bodies. The truth is, you have the body of a goddess. One of the main reasons that we are on the planet is to learn to love (ourselves and others) and it is very difficult to love yourself, if you don’t love your body, for the body is the temple that houses your sprit. It is time to reclaim your body. One of the purposes of this recording is to deepen the love and appreciation that you have for your body.

The meditation: Listening to the secret messages from your body. Entering the temple of the goddess. Vortex of energy in the center. Dancing in the temple of the goddess. Exploring the elements of nature with your body. Dancing your courage. Dancing your love. Body affirmations. You have the body of a goddess.

Part 4

Feng Shui for the Soul
Feng Shui is a very old tradition that provides keys to living in balance with the rhythm of the ebb and flow of the natural world. In ancient times the home was the realm of the feminine principle (and we all have a feminine side whether we are male or female). The feminine principle embraced qualities such as living in harmony with nature, relaxation, inner peace, and rejuvenation. Our foremothers understood the importance of home. The home was the sacred center of the family. Not only was the home a place of shelter from the elements, it was considered a place to renew the spirit. Home was a dwelling place for the soul. But times have changed and technology has overwhelmed our connection to the feminine principle, and to nature. As nature is disappearing around us, we are losing vast tracts of the wilderness inside ourselves as well. The fertile soil of the soul is being gradually depleted. Everyday as we lose part of our natural outer heritage, our inner heritage diminishes as well. One of the most powerful ways to activate the forces of nature within ourselves, our homes, and our businesses is to strengthen our connection to the natural world. The more our living spaces look and function like nature, and the more we can call the spirit of nature into our homes the more likely we are to survive and thrive on the earth. Feng Shui can provide the keys to do this for at its source is an understanding of nature. Your energy and the energy of your home is always changing so it is valuable to continually adjust the energy within your dwelling. The meditation on this recording can be done again and again to continually rejuvenate and harmonize the energy in your home. When you journey from room to room, in this meditation, imagine that you are cleansing, healing, and blessing each room. You will be amazed at how different your home feels afterwards.

The meditation: The hallowed grove. Calling upon the Spirit of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. The quickening of the forces of nature into your body. Infusing energy into your home at the threshold. Increasing your Feng Shui intuition. Cleansing, healing, and blessing your home room by room.


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