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Phoenix Rising

As the Phoenix rises from the ashes of the past, born anew and soaring towards the heavens, so you too can leave behind your past with its limitations and negativity. Release old blockages and become the person you have dreamed so long of becoming. Rise up out of negativity so that those dreams that have inhabited the secret places of your heart can come true!

Part 1

Discover how to use the Power of the Word as a force for transformation in your life. Denise guides you through a series of powerful affirmations which can clear your mind, balance your emotions, and help you to experience love, acceptance and forgiveness. By activating the power of the subconscious mind positive thoughts replace negative thoughts. Affirmations sink deep within helping you to achieve self-esteem, health, abundance and creativity. The Power of the Word can help you overcome any obstacle in life.

Part 2

The creative power of your mind can help bring you health, relaxation, abundance, vitality and love. Listen to this tape and enter a state of deep meditation where you are immersed in a bath of positive energy which will carry through the next 24 hours. Infuse the next day of your life with all the qualities you want to fill your life with - beauty, strength, joy and energy. Project these qualities throughout the next 12 months of your life. The miracle power of your mind can re-activate your inner powers to make your dreams come true.

Part 3

Enter magical inner realms through the gentle gates of meditation. Travel to a sacred grove of trees and experience peace and joy as the spirit of the forest fills you. Let go of negativity and stress as you reach into the spring-fed pool and pull out Golden Spheres. One by one, placing your problems in these spheres, you let go of life’s difficulties as the sphere’s float higher and higher. Your guides and angels help resolve life’s concerns. Purify yourself in the refreshing cascading Waterfall of Life. Absorb healing harmonics of the rainbow. This remarkable meditation will leave you renewed and moving towards resolution of life’s challenges.

Part 4

Most of the negativity in our lives comes from relationships. This powerful meditation allows you to understand the underlying energy dynamics at play in each of your current relationships. Enter the gentle realm of forgiveness and understanding. Heal old emotional wounds. Trust others and trust yourself. Enhance love in all past, present and future relationships. Balance your relationships and life becomes more joyous and more loving.


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