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Past Lives and Beyond

It is now time to step off the karmic treadmill! We are now in a time of rapid and intense growth with tremendous potential for individual fulfillment. There is a resurgence of old issues. Almost every problem in your current life has its roots in the far past. The very powerful accelerated techniques on these recordings help you to let go of blockages that you have carried around lifetime after lifetime. Undergo profound karma clearing by regressing to your past and the past lives that are affecting you today. Travel through a Time Tunnel. Release old traumas and blockages that are holding you back from reaching your potential. Journey through your emotional blockages to the "hidden agenda" of the past and beyond. Break free of the matrix that has held you in place … and fly! Your life will be more balanced and focused and your auric field will be clearer, stronger, and brighter.

Part 1

Clearing Negative Programming
You will connect with the past through a specific sensation in your body. Deeply relaxed, you will attune to a feeling on a frequency which will speak to you from your deepest levels. By experiencing this sensation it will guide your inner energies to the past where you can release negative programming.

Part 2

Karma Clearing
Undergo a powerful karma clearing by experiencing a past life that directly affects you today. Release negative programming from the past. Travel through the Time Tunnel into another dimension. Change old patterns which prevent you from moving forward on your journey.

Part 3

Emotional Healing
Emotional blockages whether from this life or others can prevent us from being who we truly are. This recording will allow you to journey through your emotional blockages to the "hidden agenda" of the past and beyond. While on this journey you will begin to heal and release old wounds and blockages that you are carrying physically and emotionally. You will develop an understanding of your true self.

Part 4

Healing Childhood Pain and Beyond
A gathering of strength and energy builds as you move through stored past experiences awaiting release. A cleansing and clearing to the time of birth and beyond is about to happen. By healing childhood pain, love and forgiveness will come to your mother and father.


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