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33 Spirit Journeys

The tracks are masterfully produced with wonderful depth of music and sound and are approximately 10 minutes long. Here are the titles:

1. Who I Am Is Enough
2. Connecting To Spirit
3. Cellular Healing
4. Exuberant Self-Esteem
5. Serene Inner Peace
6. Relaxing and Releasing
7. Releasing the Past with Ease
8. Opening to Love
9. Radiant, Vibrant Health
10. Expansive Abundance
11. Fabulous, Fantastic Body
12. Embraced by the Wings of Angels
13. Manifesting Your Dreams
14. Letting Go and Surrendering
15. Dream Journey
16. Magic Closet of Abilities
17. Balancing Chakras
18. Shamanic Journey
19. Shape-shifting
20. Activating an Awesome Future
21. Transforming Life Challenges
22. I Am a Radiant, Beautiful Being
23. Creating Your Perfect Day
24. Drifting into Sleep
25. Temple of Light
26. Mystic Waterfall/Crystal Cave
27. Communing with Your Spirit Guides
28. In the Flow
29. I Am Powerful, Courageous, and Strong
30. Planting Seeds
31. Sparkling Joy/Shimmering Blessings
32. Living Lightly: Body and Soul
33. Zen Mindfulness-Simple Grace

These meditations are beautiful nuggets of wisdom and will transport you to another place. Denise gently guides you through each soul/spirit journey and takes you to each place of wisdom.



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