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Special Workshops

Past Life Coach

Lakeport, California

May 21- 27
June 11- 17
July 23 - 29

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Journey into Past Lives:
A Professional Certification Course Course
with Denise Linn

  • Experience your past lives, during live regressions
  • Understand and let go of fears and phobias
  • Release negative programming from your far past
  • Meet your master guide
  • Travel into your future
  • Explore your life destiny and pre-life contracts
  • Activate hidden abilities and talents
  • Access healing abilities
  • Learn who family members and friends have been in your past lives
  • Learn how to do astral projection
  • Discover how to program your dreams for past life recall
  • Learn how to take others on a past life journey
  • Become certified as a past life coach

Denise Linn, author of Past Lives, Present Miracles, is one of only a few people in the world to successfully regress over 3000 people at once. She is respected in her field, and has done large group regressions in over 20 countries as well as having maintained a private practice, for many years. For the first time in over a decade, Denise is offering her past life certification course. It is an intimate, transformational experience; Denise is only taking 12 people for each course.

Cost $4400 all inclusive (certification, lodging, delicious meals, and transportation from Sacramento airport). $500 deposit due when registering. Balance due 6 weeks prior to course. Deposit (minus $100 processing fee) refundable until six weeks prior.

Contact Meadow Linn at with questions and to register.

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